Saturday, October 14, 2006

Been Taged AGAIN

I have been taged again by DiNos and been asked to state nine things about myself, "weird or otherwise"

mmmmmmmmmm let me try to find something :D

1- I have this thing - I don’t know if it's weird
or annoying - I keep checking on every thing I DO for example when I close a door I have to check it many times to make sure it’s locked or when I take money from any body I have to count it many times … it’s really annoying

2- I don’t like any one to help me if he/she is gonna distract me … ya3nee in the kitchen I prefer to work alone if the presence of any one would make me don’t concentrate, same as anything else if this person won’t do it right, then I just prefer to do all the job my self

3- I can’t stand talking to anybody If I don’t like him/her u will know it 3ala 6ool from my face kteeeeeeeeeeer mesh shway

4- Every time I find out that anyone is interested in me -emotionally- I freaked out and try to be as much away as I can thu from Inside I just want to be around and very close to him ….. Psycho I know

5- I think I am the worst person in driving I just smashed my brothers car yesterday, I still didn’t take the driving license ..... ejaat salemeh bass jadd it makes me feel bad :(

6- Sometimes I wake up in the morning being upset … trying very hard to find out why ? but I spend the whole day trying but can’t

7- I look very arrogant, hard person when people meet me in the first time or don’t know me well, but when they get to know me it’s completely the different and I heard it from so many people and I don't know why

8- I can tell from the first time I see anybody if we r gonna be friends or not, if I didn’t like him/her from the first time then I will never do, and it happens with me all the time, tried to force my self to give them a chance but it’s just like what I though

9- I play with my lips alot

10- I can’t stand seeing blood I immediately

11- ban3ejeeg bsor3aaaaaaa kteeeeer :D

Is this what u want ? am I done here ?


Ola said...

You crashed the car? el7amdo lellah 3ala salamtek! ijat saleemeh

Abed. Hamdan said...

on point #4,

try to be more brave..

mwaffa2a nshallah


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

haha hatha an wa anti kteer ansywa2 in tchommon i always crash my car and recently m brothers car!! 3accidents 2 cars in less than a week!!!

i also feel from the first time i meet someone if i will b friend with them or not sub7annalah... sho kaman! if i like someone bansieri3 and run as far away as i can! i fi dont like someone IT shows lol

:P thanx for answering i enjoyed reading mwa

SimSim said...

ola: yes I did :( and he said nothing about it :( it makes me feel more guilt waaaaaa3 he just said btedfa3ee 7aaq eltaslee7 :ganweh:

abed: be more brave ? loool I will try but when I find someone deserve it and thaanx (f)

DiNos: walek leesh ? ana w lessa ma a5adet el ro5saa !! :D bas shekelha sha'3leh betdal beldammm :D about the #4 point then we have to do something about it :P


Anonymous said...

I share with u #2, #3 and #7.

Good Luck in driving :D