Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Analyzing Personality

I think I am obsessed with such thing, I like to read about it and let someone analyze my personality and I don't know why maybe as I said before, people around u may know u more (sure close once)

for example I was talking to somebody about colors and how they can change ur mood, or the colors u choose in ur cloths may reflect ur personality, I tend to wear cloths with dark colors in general, she said it means u r very mysterious and serious person mmmmm really ? loool

another example ... I know and also been told that I have strong personality,but I like to have some one with me wherever I go I just don't like to go any where alone, does it mean that I feel insecure ? or have weak personality ?!!

UR input plz


Dar said...

Mori 3alai bel 3eyadeh , hai a3rad el enfesam shekelha !!!


SimSim said...

dar: bas enfesam ? fakaret eshe a56ar :D base6aa eza heek looool

Rana said...

LOL dar and simsim :d u are funny.
yes,colors tells so much about characters, i am obssessed with shoes , so i ll always look at ppl shoes and just try to figure their characters from it.

and Dar : mo bs infisam simsim ma3.ha.
more serious craziness stuff :P


sharifo said...

ok..that doesn's sound healthy for me,,
23 years and obssessed with Homer simpson and video games so don't even try to analyse any freakin' thing of me...
Back Off..Back off !!

SimSim said...

rana: shoes ?? san7ek sa7ee7 loool 6ab ana dayman kanadree shen3aat :D looooool

ba3deen elmafrood ma te7kee la 7adaa 3an my mental status loooool

sharifo: do u have play station 3 ? looool

D i n a said...

ana mu7alit il shakhseya really i am.. i should of been a therapist... isma3i u liking to be out with somone doesnt mean u are not confident it just means u have the need to be surrounded by ppl to have fun.. ya3ni meen bi7ib yu23ud la7alo ya3ni? liesh il nakad?! hehe

ta7leeli ilik inik katkooootta!! mwa :hujjj:

takhfeesh inti confident wa nus wa fowghum rgheeef :) rgheef mush raeeef :P

Weddo said...

I like the color thingy! you can know my mood from the color I wear!

about the personality thing, bardo I like it m3 eno el naas be7ko anha 3adatan msh sa7 3alaihom

ana bala2eeha sa7 :-o: 5osooosan eza malaaneh made7 :ch:

mafa9eemon wal maf9omona qaleeelo :cool:

Anonymous said...

no one like to b alone.. or accept the idea of loneliness..
so.. having strong or week personality have nothing to do with hating loneliness...

P.S: had mish lal delete :)

Doody said...

yabai sho momili

had lal delete.... LOL

SimSim said...

dina: yaaay I love what u said :D 6ab yalla 7alelelee sha5setee :ch: loool

daisy from mahjoob loooool : well kolnaa mafa9eem sad2enee, bas ana basede2 elle be7kolee eshyaa2 mesh compliments ya3nee bekonoo sad2een aktar w ma3 compliment mesh 3a6el ya3nee Loool

moody: glad to hear that and welcomee :smilie bena6ne6: w maa raa7 am7ee walaaa post loool