Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pure hearted

To be responsible it's a big deal, to be taken as a module for them, to wait each single day to tell u morning and smile at ur face it is really wonderful

Today Fara7 from 4th grade grabbed my hand and suddenly kissed me I was very surprised I couldn't but to give her my usual smile

Again I was walking and they all came and hugged me and said weneek ya miss Asma leesh ma btejee 3enna tshofenaa (it's exams time I hardly see them)

And again Do3a2 walked next to me and said ya miss re7tek kteer 7elweeh bas law tejee w tmorre 3enna shway kol yoom w ba3deen ro7ee weeeeen ma beddek

Leesh benwaje3 rasnaa just to be grown ups why don't we just stay children forever and be pure hearted like them


Nana said...

re7tek 7elweh kteer? what perfume are u usning nowadays SimSim? :emb: :P

I know what you're talking about, the sudents i used to teach last year keep paying me visits in the other building i work at now, and tell me how much they miss me.

kids are adorable, not all of them of course. some should be condemned for committing crimes agains humanity :ch:

SimSim said...

I don't use porfumes :shy: I use body spray :shy: bte3rafee ? with fruites or roses smell ..... I love them and they r not as strong as perfume .....

and yeessssssss amoot lamma aroo7 3ala saded A :wa7ad bol6om: they r very stupid and mosha'3ebeeeen I sometimes want to cry when I am giving them the lesson w shoo ba'9robhoom loooooooool badba7hom 3an jad ma3 heek dayman weneek ya miss w mataa jaay 3enna ya miss wallak feek 3anne entaa weyaah :ganweh:


eeeeh they r very cool

Dead Man Walking said...


SimSim said...

hala 3ammar .... fee meen ma5doo3een bezab6 ??? kaman hoon ma5do3een ? wallahe ba6al elwa7ad ye3raf fee meen yotheq :wa7ad bol6om:

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

simsim keefik! nice to see u mahajeeb meet here too! ana kunt fi mahjoob kaman :$ 7ase 7ali habla kteer in this blog thing mush 3arfeh how to fix my webpage or even deal with links... walkum keef kolkum fahmeen wa ana la2

:P just wanted to say hi..