Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I would've have a girl in her age !!

today my sister in law called me asking me to check on her 12 year old daughter !! It's my day off ! So I went to her house and tried to make sure that she is Ok !! I sat with her for almost 3 hours until her mom came back from work !!

mmmm when I had a moment with my self I remembered my best friend from school !! Maha !! she got married when she was 18 !! yaa I know !! but now she has a 12 year old boy !! actually he is going to be 13 this year !! any way !! I realized that If I did get married at the age of 18 I would've have a girl or a boy in that age !! I know it sounds stupid !! married at 18 !! No Way !! but I did always want to have kids when I am Young !! mmmm Younger !!! now !! when I see how annoying kids can be !! they always complain about everything !! never satisfied no matter what u do !! and the WORST thing is the parents !!! they never see their kid's mistakes !!!! and always blame other parents !! that they don't know how to raise/deal with their kids !!!! it makes me wonder !!! Am I going to be like this !!!!!! always think that my kids r the best !! OMG !!! what if I couldn't raise them well !!!

I've always loved kids ! and want to have one of my own !!! but I don't know !! I am getting used to be alone !! quite home !! not attached !! besides !! in this age !! I don't feel that I accomplished anything I want, not yet !! No one understands me !!  they just say !! have a child and then figure things out !! as if kids simplify life ! 

yaa this is going to be our 3rd year as a married couple !! but I think I am still not ready for this !! Hoping that one day I will !!!


Haitham Jafar said...

dear blogger: kindly note that u have (consumed) all ur 1`s for this year.



I don`t know -really- what to say/reply exactly to this post.


not sure if this helps but a recent blog post (related):


no one claims it`s easy, actually it`s getting harder by the day at our age and time

but , well, maybe that`s -one of- the secrets/beaty in it, the harder things in life = (supposedly) the better the satisfaction and reward from them!
{I just referred to kids as = things!.. opps} ;D

Whisper said...

الله يكتبلكم الخير و يرزقكم الذريه الصالحه يا رب :)
ما شاء الله 3 سنين :) الايام بتركض وكض

Rain said...

why do you use exclamation marks so often?

SimSim said...

Haitham: Hopefully I will live the experience and see if it worth it or not :D one day !!

SimSim said...

whisper: يعني !! في بداية السنة الثالثة !!هههه

الله يسعدك !!

SimSim said...

Rain: was the post that boring or irrelevant that this is the only thing u noticed ???

I don't know, it shows my surprise and frustration maybe ....

Dawn said...

There is a lot of negativity in this post towards kids. Yes children can be annoying, but they can be other things that are mainly good; entertaining, polite, thoughtful, funny, imaginative and very innocent. I haven't seen a lot of kids who always complain, I've seen adults do that way more than kids do. Many kids can be easily satisfied, a balloon or a ball or an empty card box is a really fun toy. And about parents, well I'm sure many parents see their children's mistakes,I for one do, they just avoid calling it out publicly because it would be very humiliating to the child and would hurt their fragile self-esteem. Don't get me wrong, I respect your decision to wait, I think that when you want to be a parent you put more effort into it. I just don't think that you need to justify your decision to anyone, and if you chose to volunteer that information, it doesn't have to be in a form that stereotypes kids unjustly.

SimSim said...

Dawn: welcome to my blog :)

and I would never agree on criticizing a kid on public and i didn't say any one did !! but when they gossip to me ... I mean a parent ! they judge other parents while they make the same mistakes with their own

I learned a lot ... and hoping I will be a good parent one day !!