Saturday, July 21, 2012

The American version of Ramadan !!

Ramadan Karem !! Thu here It doesn't feel like Ramadan at all !! Yes this is the first time I will be fasting away from my family ! last year during my visit to Jordan I spent Ramadan there !! I have to say people in the Muslim countries should be great-full to be surrounded by each other especially during these days !! 

My day didn't start well !! It started very early in the morning ! I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to have Suhur because Fajr prayer is at 5:13 AM and I have to be at work at 6 AM so this way I can have breakfast and coffee like every day !! I hit the road ! it was really dark !! more than every day !! I thought there is something  wrong with the street !! but I kept driving any way !! a minute later ! I saw a police car with a very strong light following me !! to be honest I freaked out ! I didn't know what to do !! I can't pull over cuz it's one way street !! I was driving really slowly ! so I thought I should drive faster to find a spot to park :D but maybe he would think i'm running !! Finally I pulled over and waited in the car !!! So I am obsessed with American movies and series !! and the driver SHOULD ALWAYS STAY IN THE CAR !!! but Why did I step out ???? I waited in the car for a while but he didn't come so yes I stepped out !! I know crazy !! He said Mam please get back to your vehicle !! looooool OMG wallahee just like the movies !! yes this is EXACTLY how I planned my day!! he approached my car and asked for my driving licence ! and he said do u know why I stopped u !!?? (sure I don't know cuz I am sure I wasn't fasting) No sir I don't !! he said did u notice that the streets r darker than the usual ?  I said yes and then immediately turned the lights on !!!! Oh !! MMMM OK !!! that was really stupid !! I told him I am heading to work but he was gentle man, he said I just want u to be careful and don't forget to turn the lights on next time !! I thanked him for reminding me and headed to work !! 
Way to start your morning !!

Every body is eating ! I can't complain ! this is expected :S but still not used to it !! full hours ! and Fotor at 8:40 PM 

I went home and slept ! OH the air is different and the smell is also different in Jordan !! Why !! we have a big family here and we gathered for Iftar and also Had Katayef !

but it's just not the same !!

May Allah give us the strength to do our best in this holy month and may all our prayers be accepted and also our fasting !!

Ramadan Kareem !!


Haitham Jafar said...

good police officer

مبارك قدوم الشهر الفضيل

و أعاننا الله على حسن استقباله

eating is not a sin btw :P

Dino$ said...

Mubarak 3aliekom al shaher :) lool @ the police scenario.. so its not just in the movies haha

i can imagine the court scenes are also real..

overruled your honor..

but inti min zaman fe amreeka?! mush konti fe amman?!

SimSim said...

Haitham: الله يبارك فيك ! أمين ان شاء الله والله يتقبل كل طاعاتنا

eating is not a sin btw :P
مش فاهمة عليك !! شو طلعوا فتوى جديدة انه الاكل مسموح برمضان ؟


SimSim said...

اهلا كيفك؟؟ نور البلوج والله !!

جد زي الافلام والله وكنت نشفانة خوف !!

انا كنت بعمان بس تزوجت واجيت على امريكا من تقريبا سنتين !!! واااال البنات شاغلينك كتييير هههههه

Brett Weer said...

Funny! We have headlined you in todays' blog roundup

SimSim said...

Brett Weer: Oh !! :D Thank U :D and Ramadan Karem :)

Anonymous said...

يا حبيبتي يا اختي يﻻ بتتعودي كمان شوي

Wize said...

dude, it's even different in Dubai and it's 3 hours from 3amman!

I can't believe i won't see you this summer.. it's the first time in my life i would'nt have seen you for more than 6 months! and how is it now for more than a year !!


Wize said...

I wrote a whole comment and it disappeared, wth!!
anyways, it's also not easy in Dubai honestly!

I miss you sis, and can't believe that it would be more than a year not seeing you! it wasn't ever more than several months!!!

I wish you the very best and ramadan kareem!

Haytham O. said...

Hahahahha simsim allah y3eenek and we really really miss u here :*

Haytham O. said...

i actually laughed at the cop scene :P we really miss u here simsim :*

SimSim said...

بديش أتعود ههههه ان شاء الله رمضان اللي جاي بزبط اجازتي برمضان انه اكون بعمان

SimSim said...

Wize: حبيب قلبي ! والله جد واحشينني كتييير ومش عارفة كيف بدي اضل كل هالفترة بدون ما اشوفكم

لا ما ضاع الكومينت هاياتو موجود :D


SimSim said...

Haytham: والله جد زي اللي بالافلام ! يعني انا حسته رح يطلع المسدس كمان شوي هههههه

مشتاقة الك اكتر يا عسل انت

Anonymous said...

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SimSim said...

Anonymous: I wish if you write the link of your blog or web site :) and welcome here !!

Haitham Jafar said...

knock knock!