Friday, March 12, 2010

Blog for Jordan Day - How to Love Jordan !

Proud to be part of the Great Project B4JO ..... a wonderful Idea gives us the chance to celebrate our love to Jordan .... each one .... his own way.

For me I will give some ideas on how we can love Jordan not just by saying but by doing it on daily bases; by actions !

It's very Obvious that for so many people Patriotism in Jordan means wearing the red and white hatta, putting certain pictures on cars and always playing Hashme and such songs .... I have no problem with that until this nice picture turns ugly!! when someone start acting badly or throwing trash from the car !! so is this ur Idea about patriotism? is this how u show ur care for ur country !! and what makes it worst if there r kids watching this crime ! I know it might seem a simple problem but I face it every day; watching kids turning their homeland into a dumpster and when I ask them "isn't this ur country that u should keep clean and Beautiful !! the one u love and care about !" they simply answer it's not our house we r throwing in It's Just the street !! Is this the way we want our kids to grow up ? having a wrong idea about how we love and care about our country ?! not by actions but Just by the appearances ?!! and I can give tens of example on such behaviors !

Another way to show how much we love our country ..... soon we will be participating in one of the biggest events in Jordan, which is the elections; I think each one should think million times before giving his/her voice to anybody.... and should make sure at least 70% that this person deserves it ! don't just think of ur personal interest because if u do; then later u can't blame the one u elected if he thinks the same way u did !

We can support the Jordanian Products from time to time .... that would help our economy .... I hope !

Asking for teachers association is a must; I don't know how to connect this with loving Jordan :D but it's a must !

All what we need is positive thinking, ways to make Jordan a better Place ! We owe that to our beloved country ..... Because it's Home after all !


Anonymous said...

Good thoughts, Simsim. Participating in elections wisely and keeping the country clean are two ways to both love, respect and improve Jordan.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Absolutely! Citizenship means a lot more than just blasting hashmi hashmi all day long. There are ways we can love and serve our nation that are often overlooked.

Nice post Simsim

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Thats actually great, i too hate how pariotism for some people means singing military songs, putting certain pictures as you said and yet these same people have no respect for others or for Jordan

Dino$ said...

sim sim how have u beeeeen its beeen ages!! sho akhbarkiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Shaheen said...

Ok, what to do If I dont know how to love Jordan If I can not recognize it any more? I miss my Jordan even when I'm in it.

SimSim said...

Kinzi & Qwaider: I hope every body start to think this way and act differently !

thaanx :) it's a great day !!

SimSim said...

Ahmad: and when u try to disagree with them they look at u as a betrayer to ur country :D

Dinos: I am here :D entee kefek ? and how is ur little girl ??! miss u kteer yaa benet :hug:

SimSim said...

Shaheen: I know what ur talking about !! when u face such situation even with someone u know just try to remember the good thing about this person and for ur situation about Jordan :D I am sure there r many right ?!

Rula A. said...

I always go for Jordanian Products.. When I eat out I only go to Chili House.. Yes you are right about the last lines;
Asking for teachers association is a must; I don't know how to connect this with loving Jordan :D but it's a must !
:) Tislam eidek

Whisper said...

This is the problem in most of people here in Jordan,they only depend on the outer things, specially the outfit and the showing off.

They all forget self-control, if anyone watched his actions and considered himself a good example for those around him a lot of things will get better around us.

Anonymous said...

I totally and passionately agree on two of your points. The one thing that simply has not changed in Jordan since the first time I came in 1994 is the littering in the country. It is going to take a campaign and change of mindset for that to happen. I have a post on the subject.

The other thing is supporting Jordanian products. I wish that Jordan could learn from Syria and Saudi Arabia how to create all products and possibly export them as well! Our restaurant really wanted to replace Pepsi products with a local brand, but they do not offer diet, so we were unable. I try to buy Jordanian at the grocery store as much as possible and I would much rather go for shawarma than any burger chain.

SimSim said...

Rula: First of all welcome here :)

u know most of these restaurants have better food than American's!! like shawerma yummeee !! :D

and really for teachers association we have to start collecting signatures :D

w 2edeekee :D

SimSim said...

Whisper: the problem is that u can see such actions on kids as well !! it's like they r raised to do this !!

I hope i can change some of those ideas maybe it would make a difference !

SimSim said...

joycefied: u know i scream when someone tries to throw something in street !! sure when I am in the car :D now they know me! when I am with anybody they don't even think of dumping anything in the street I scared them :D

I try to make a different in my school ... in the lunch break I walk among the kids and try to encourage them to pick up the trash and I thank them in front of the whole school so they start doing it without I tell them ...

it's really awful here !! in parks and streets !! people should start doing something ! for our health and it's now something we want the tourists to see !!

and for the restaurants go shawerma and knafeh :D