Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pictures from here and there !

They r Irrelevant but I find them special so felt like sharing :)

Monalisa drawn using coffee cups .... Any one can be creative; somehow ...

Rainbow river in Florida ...... simply Amazing

Funny .... pure

ya7ayateeee lool

a picture for how the rain looks from a distance
(don't know if it's computerized or not)

A river under the water

Creativity has no limits

I wonder what he is looking at to make him so happy !
Allah yer7amoo w yer7amnaa ....

Al shaheed Mahmmoud Al Mab7o7

No matter what ! never give up Praying


Blessed hands

Al Aqsa & Qubbat al sakhra ...... Our souls fly there


My Getaway said...

A combination of cute, sad, and interesting pictures. The babie pictures are so cute mashallah.

Anonymous said...

Oh Simsim, your choice of pictures reel us in and end in anything but irrelavence. We need a few captions, please?

SimSim said...

My Getaway: glad u liked them .... thaanx :)

joycefied: i find that each picture talks about it self ... and anything I say may underestimate the picture :D but no problem i hope what i wrote is what u want :)

welcome here

Anonymous said...

what's that pink rainbow river made of?? looks like marshmallow (i want to swim in it and keep my mouth open hahahahaha)

SimSim said...

melicieuse: loool yemken ward wella morjaan mesh 3arfeh :D

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

the baby is CUTEEEEEEEEE !!!
the pictures are awesome , specially el-shaheed ma7moud allah yej3al mathwahom el-janneh ya rub w ni7na ma3ahom ...

SimSim said...

Dandooneh: isn't he !! yaa 7ayatee bejaneen both of them :D

in sha2 allah tkoon wjohnaa mnawra heek metloo but he is a hero ! allah yer7amoo

glad u like them :hug:

OmAbdullah said...

Some of those are amazing photos ! and that baby is adooorable! hehe mashaAllah

Thanks for sharing those! lovely blog ! following you :) come check out mine ;)

SimSim said...

OmAbdullah: I am so glad u like them and like my blog and thanx for following me I am flattered !!

and sure I will :)