Friday, February 12, 2010

My Top50Jo

If I was asked to write 50 bad things about Jordan that would be easier task :D but top things !

ok I love my country and I can write 50 top things about it so lets see .....

1- Jordan is the Only Place where u can find the original taste of falafel, shawerma, Knafeh, labaneh Jarashyeh and 5obz Shraq :D

2- The weather is Great ..... each season is special on it's own

3- No matter what u do to leave Jordan and live abroad u can't deny missing it but u still don't even think about coming back living in it :D not before a long time :p

4- We r on top ... both sides! being one of the most expensive countries in the world with lowest Income !

5- The Idea of having two different teams each one represents a nationality lol

6- Petra & The Dead Sea

7- Queen Rania

8- Security

9- The kashraa :D it gives us haybeh :D

10- Mansaf with Jameed karaki

11- Hospitality

12- Strong Education system despite the stupid mintality regarding Tawjihi exams

13- The wonderful view of the Masjid next to the church in Al 3abdali

14- U can find a dress for 200 JD and in other places for 20 JDs :D and that goes for everything

15- The Jordanian TV that will never change

16- Almanahel program for kids

17- Taxi's and their stories

18- Abu Mahjoob

19- 4 mobile companies !!

20- Traditional dresses .... Thoob

21- U can find anything u want

22- Sooq AlBukharya

23- Summer activities

24- Public and Private schools and universities

25- Rainbow street

26- Amazing houses

27- Masjid Al Ashrafyeh

28- Wadi rum

29- Weddings r 90 % the same

30- Medicals

31- Jarash

32- U can find all kinds of fruits and vegetables .... fresh and taste good

33- We have the biggest flagstaff

34- So many Radio stations

35- Many different accents

36- Makadi Na7as

37- there is Al Swaifyeh and there is the Down Town

38- Dental care is excellent yet not expensive

39- We have The lowest spot On earth and high mountains

40- Hashem Restaurant

41- Good series from time to time ..... Bedwin In Particular

42- Al Jeser Al mu3allaq or jeser al nugeffeh :D

43- Madaba

44- the way people interfere in each others lives lol

45- Handmade crafts

46- If u want to see the latest cars just set in Dwar abdoun for half an hour :D

47- We r friends with every body

48- Hashmi,Jeshana Jeesh al wa6an and ya beragna al 3ali songs

49- The Black Iris flower

50- U work ur whole life just for one thing ..... to built Ur Dream house and live a good life in Jordan ...

Wohooo I did it :D


Anonymous said...

And may I add: the close similarity between everyone's top 50 :D

But I beg to differ on dental care being inexpensive,they take you to the cleaners!!

SimSim said...

really !! I read one list and I tried not to write the same :D or seems just few things r good that's why we all mention them :D

about the dental care It is compared to other countries ...

how r u girl ?

Shaheen said...

مين عالاهبل اللي اقترح عليكي تكتيبيهم

Shaheen said...

اللخه يسامحك يا سمسم هو لو في اصلا خمسين اسي منيح بالاردن بتلاقي الشعب مشر د في اصقاع العالم باحثا هن الخبز والكفاف

اصلا مش عارف مين الاهبل اللي اقترح عليكي هالاقتراح ..شو خمسين ما خمسين


SimSim said...

Shaheen: loool don't say that about him bas allah ysam7oo :D

u know it took me 3 hours to write the list !! I wish u asked for 25 because after that I paused for a very very long time looool

elmohem now u have to write the tag :ch:

S H A R I F O said...

you know...after reading this...I miss Jordan, and I miss more being outside Gaza...


Shaheen said...

i want to write the tag bis mish 3ared ay sab7 faday7 i should tell about my self lol

Whisper said...

WOW SimSim u did it :D

Yalla kafeto w wafeto ma dal 2eshe noktobo :)

BTW many points can be a bad things too LOOL :D

SimSim said...

Sharifo: and I miss being inside Ghaza .... lets trade :D shoo ra2yak!

SimSim said...

Shaheen: shekloo men kotorhom mesh 3aref shoo te5taar ?? looooooool

mesh daroree ykonoo fadaye7 !!
elle katabtoo ana fadaye7 ?? they r facts :p

just tell things about u in General ur social security number for example :ch:


SimSim said...

Whisper: I DID ba3ed mo3anaaa lool

laa betla2oo bas bed-ha johd watafkeeer :D

see !! we r top in bad things tooo lool