Saturday, April 17, 2010

Can I keep the presents and still be 29 ?!!

u reach a point in ur life u start to feel you've been in a coma; somehow all ur days after a certain point were just the same !!! suddenly u wake up and realize how old u became !! and start questioning ur self; where did my last 5 or 10 years go ?? mmm or is it just me ? :S .... this is How i feel ! really :S i thought the idea of girls panicking because of their age is just silly but believe me it's not !! and I don't know why !!?

lol I don't want to sound like a drama queen ! It's just that when I saw this episode from friends series .... well let me tell u ! this is exactly How I feel :D

ok it's my birthday and every body should feel good in their birthdays ... that's why I strongly refused going on a trip with my school today ! I just couldn't imagine celebrating my 30th birthday panicking while chasing and taking care of my students, also can't EVEN answer my cell phone !!

Happy birthday to me ..... wish my fiancee is around; but planning to have fun and just take care of my self !

Oh yaaa I got 2 presents a week a go ! a nice necklace and an ugly jacket loool
we'll see about later on today :D


مواطنون بلا حدود said...

I wish u a very happy birthday, I know exactly how u feel, and believe me not only girls feel like this :D

Rula A. said...

Happy Birthday 7abeebti,, Inshalla il3omor kullo ya rab :)
Inshalla you'll have a great day and a great upcoming years.. And remember.. Growing old is mandatory,, growing up is optional ;D
And I am really glad that I got to know you and to share your birthday with you :)

Shaheen said...

guys also feel the same,
your are not thirty years old, its called twenty-ten :D

happy birthday simsim wish you all the best you and your man, alla yjma3kom 3ala kher o ybarlkelkom

enjoy it , you should make something special,

Genki Dama said...

Happy birthday SIMSIM!!! haaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee! ;)

kinzi said...

Happy Birthday, Simsim!!! May the Lord God crown your year with His goodness, surround you with His presence, fill your heart with His love.

عـلا - من غـزة said...


كل سنة وانتي سالمة يا سمسم

i thought the idea of girls panicking because of their age is just silly but believe me it's not !!

وانا كمان والله فكرت حالي عمري ما رح اعمل زي هيك :D

بس واضح انها في الفسيولوجيا تبعنا ..

عجبتي اعترافات الشباب انو هما كمان بيصير معاهم نفس الاشي ههههه

وعلى فكرة .. فيكي تحسبي عمرك بمبدأ "انت عمري الي ابتدا بنورك صباحو" ههههه انا هيك صرت بعمل :D

ان شالله بتيجيكي هدايا على زوقك وبتنبسطي يااارب :))))


SimSim said...

مواطنون بلا حدود: really ?? :D I didn't know that ! lol thank u sooo much :)

Rula: u r sooo sweet !! I am also glad to know u and see u always in my blog ! and about the age I always tell others the same thing u say but i just couldn't help it :D

thanks again :hug:

SimSim said...

Shaheen: looool 7abet-haa haay loool twenty-ten ! loool

and about the guys I don't know ! I guess it effects the girls more i don't know why !

ameen to that and also wish u all the best !

till now it's very nice day thu 6asheet la7alee w laffeet kol shware3 3amman :D bas it was fun now the family time don't know what they r up to :p

thanx shaheen :give:

Haytham: 7aset-haa de7ket ashraar looool thanx and glad to see u around ;)

SimSim said...

kinzi: ma2akzakeee !! ameen to that and wish u all the best because u r the best :hug:


بس أتوقع احنا بنتأثر اكتر منهم !! يلا عمر وماشي


وقولتك خلص آخد أغنية أم كلثوم وأعتنقها هههههه

وانت بألف خير واكيد أن شاء الله أهم اشي الهدايا هي اللي بتهون ههههه

My Getaway said...

Happy Birthday!!

Shaheen said...

am glad to know you enjoyed your day, inshalla 3ala 6ol

Genki Dama said...

lol simsim! sho d7kt ashrar?! It is the the haaaaaeeeeeee tb3t 3eed elmilad =)

SimSim said...

My Getaway: thanx sweetie

Shaheen: ameeen :D w 2ajma3een in sha2 allah

Haytham: loool aaa ok :D

krmoosha.. said...

سمسوووووووم حبيبتي كل عااااااااام وانتي احلى واحلى

وكل ما تكبر تحلى وتصير احلى واحلى

شوفي اختك صارت على مشارف الاربعين بس كييييييييييف ولا ببين عليها ههههههههه

كل عمر واله رونقه حبيبتي

Jood said...

Ya raito alf happy belated birthday :shy:
hope you had fun :hug:

and yes, im still 22 o 10 months :p and i feel old already :c: maybe el nas 3am bet7asesnee ene old :???:

Whisper said...

Happy birthday ya amar
w 3o2bal el 100 saneh
sorry for the late reply :$

jamal sehwail said...

Happy Birthday to you

مياسي said...

well i guess Happy Birthday

and lool, i liked why u did not want 2 go in a trip in ur birthday

very reasonable reason actually

one more thing: i started reading ur blog when u were celebrating ur 28th birthday

2 years for now :)

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

is turning 30 that bad ? i never felt it from my sister ..!!
anyways happy birthday hope it was a good day and sorry for being a bit late :)

SimSim said...

Karmoshtee: والله لو أكون متأكدة اني أصير زيك ما عندي أي مشكلة .... أحلى اشي ههههه

حبيبتي كرموشتي

Jood: laa lessa badree 3alekee tkonee old !!!

w entee b 1000 5eeer 7abebet 2albeee :hug:

SimSim said...

Whisper: it's ok sweetie .... w entee b 1000 5eer :)

jamal sehwail: thaaanx :)

SimSim said...

مياسي: sooo sweet !!! and i wish u keep reading my blog and celebrating my 40th birthday kaman with me :D

thaanx sweetie :hug:

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH: thanx sweetie and i hope u will be like ur sister and love being 30 :D