Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nice Quote

"Happiness is no laughing matter"


Anonymous said...
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SimSim said...

Anonymous: I am diffinetly sure that people like u and ur sister r the one used to it .....

Sha5bo6 said...

so what is happiness ?
is achieing your dream? finding the one or the oneh

my eternal happiness is a farm with an old Jordanian house clay and stones..listening for the rain hitting my roof ..

my happienss is barecelona kicking Real Madred in the next calssico 6-0

my happiness is ras aregel 5 stars min 3nd donner :p

SimSim said...

Sha5bo6: Hiii how r u ? zamaan 3annak !

ok I totally agree on Barcelona thing :D but Cristiano Rolando and kaka creeps me :S

about argeleh i prefer tche tche :P yabayeee zaman 3anhaa

simple things can make us happy ... we just have to be happy from inside .... nice to see u around again :)