Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MacBook air ........ I Love this laptop

I still don't have my own laptop !! i live on using other's lol (my brothers in particular because they always have the latest) last year my brother bought this this this .... I don't know how to describe it .... simply it's soo adorable :D ..... I usually use vaio and dell but this MacBook-air is just something else !

when i first tried to use it; just to check some pictures i kept staring at it for almost 20 min :D just searching for the folder which contains the pictures :D and i couldn't find them !! (seriously mac is not that user friendly) but after getting used to it's applications .... it's really great and very very light !!! (what I loved the most) it's lighter that a note book !! I try to press the buttons softly :D so i don't break it ........

honestly when it comes to technology and electronics most of us girls care the most about the appearance (ok maybe in every thing :D )
so I didn't ask about it's capacity and the battery or other things i just love the way it looks :D

So I am gonna do my best to steal it from my brother Photobucket


Dreamy Villager said...

It looks so light and thin..I don't know anything about computers but I wish to have a small laptop.
Good luck in your plan..I wish you to have it by العيد :D

soreal said...

"honestly when it comes to technology and electronics most of us girls care the most about the appearance "

speak for your self :P :p :P :p

honestly, i hate macs, i dont understand their attractiveness.. they are pricey compared to a normal pc laptop.. specs rulz :P

but i do like me a light laptop

*dreaming* one day, one day

SimSim said...

Dreamy: there is sony vaio ! thin and very light as well but not as cute as this one :D

thaanx sweetie :D

soreal: ok i'll speak for 90% of the girls don't be sad :D

pricey but worth it and about it's applications althu it's hard to get used to it but after a while u just can't leave it .... yaa 7abebee when i want to go down with the page i just use my 2 fingers on the mouse pad :D i sometimes forget and try to do the same with the vaio :D

hope u will get what u want :)

KJ said...

I didn't like the MacAir to be honest - it's too flimsy and barren!

soreal said...

hey! scrolling with two figures... i can do that on my toshiba, and even more :P

bas 3an gad...

thats a software issue, not a mac vers pc.. u can easily find software for pcs that can add similar functionality to that on a mac

speaking out of my experience, Toshiba has way better user friendly interface than other pc brands, sony included.

my eye is on Toshiba Portégé... .. same specs of a high quality laptop, lighter than the mac air, but as expected heavy on the cash

SimSim said...

KJ: i felt i can do things like editing pictures and even videos for example r soo much easier .. and other applications couldn't find them in other computers ... u just need to get used to it .....

SimSim said...

soreal: i asked if this option can be added but i realized it's just a mac thing but good to know :P but still i love it and will do my best to take it from my brother :D every day i learn so many interesting things i couldn't find in other computers ... and hope u will get the one u want :)

adnes said...

Hmmm...I adore laptop like this also, how i'll wish i have like this, just only wishing lol