Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Barcelona VS Manchester U.

Congraaaaaaaaaaaaatullllllllllationnnnnnnnssssss Barca .... for wining the Champions League ......

Barcelona VS Manchester U.
2 - 0

really amazing game we enjoyed watching wohooooo ..... now boys at school waiting for the 7alawaaan :D and others will be hiding from me loool


Whisper said...

Swear to God I remembered you and your dad today when my brother told me about the match :D

yalla mabroooooooooooook for all of you :D

SimSim said...

Whisper: 3an jadd !! :D my dad was sooo happy and excited :D

allah ybareek fekeeeeeee :D

maroo said...

im soooooooo happy 2 ,,, viva Barcha :)

SimSim said...

home: mabrook el dawree el espanee kamaan :D wohooooo