Saturday, December 20, 2008

that's why the internet is sooo slow !!!

I though my brother was guilty, i even faced him with the crime of exceeding the download limit this month; that's why the net is soooo slow ?!!! .... but the poor guy was Innocent ..... seems there is another damage in a cable under the sea .... haven't we been there before and they fixed it ... It felt like a dejavu moment Photobucket


Anonymous said...

looool your poor brother

kinzi said...

SimSim, LOL, I am SO glad I can share the blame with your brother!!

Heh-heh, you owe him chocolate!

maroo said...

zalmteeh :(
bs 3njad its becoming sooo slow !!

SimSim said...

Batoul: loool yeess he is :D

kinzi: and ice cream 2 :D

maroo: it's becoming faster right ?

Anonymous said...