Saturday, May 10, 2008

Iron Man

I was so much interested in seeing the movie and waiting for start showing it in Amman cinemas ….I didn’t want to go alone so We were like a dozen … me my brother and my cousins … we had so much fun and I forced them to see it (it was my idea so they had to obey me :D) I was afraid that they won’t like the movie but it was Quiet different ….funny and The story not like any super hero movies …. The Arabs r the terrorists! it seems they will be the main idea of evil in any script from now on …. But it shows how the weapon companies r controlling America and rolling the world …. I am not a big fan of Qwyneth Paltrow but I loved her character ….

Well Enough that Robert Downey JR. is in the movie Photobucket


Jasim said...

Everyone is talking about the movie! Is it that good?!

Man I've got to see it!

SimSim said...

Jasim: roo7 shofoo w e7kelee ra2yaak :D

eman said...

i ve boght it dvd !! it quite iritating when it comes to the arabs !! i really hate that idea i mean why cant movie makers ever get enogh of the bad image we already have !! kaman eyzeedo el6een balleh !! but i liked the light sense of humor!! :)