Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yes I did put Garlic in my ear !!

Imagine how disparate I was to do so !!
Last Saturday I went to the dentist and he had to do a nerve treatment (heek besammo sa7b el 3asab ?) sa7ablee dma’3ee kamaan loool I felt nothing while he was working but sure he warned me that I won’t be able to sleep and I saw it with my bare eyes; I cried like babies that day and couldn’t sleep till I took a pain killer injection and was that enough ? no I had to take some tables also to be able to sleep and this is what I have been doing the last few days .....
- I can’t wait to see my doctor next Saturday not for a check up but to kill him painfully and slowly -
So Today my parents were watching this program on Arab TV; a doctor is talking about herbs and their benefits so someone asked him about toothache so he suggested putting garlic in his ear !!! to remove the pain, Garlic !!! to tell u the truth I prefer medicine rather than these things but since it's not working with me anymore I said why not, I did it without thinking ..... but did it do the job ?
NO I just came back from the clinic where I had to take another injection ..... so I smelled like garlic for nothing :D
Allah laa ywarjehaa la 7adaa w I DO HATE ALL DENTISTS even if they try to be cute and cool ...


Qwaider قويدر said...

Salamtek .. inshallah you'll feel better soon

SimSim said...

thanx Qwaider and I Hoopppeee soooo :D

and I hope u r doing fine :)