Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Stupidest thing I have ever done

I’ve done many stupid things; I guess we all do ! but this one was THE ONE and that guy was more stupid than I was to give me a pen and a paper lool

It was like 5 years ago when I was visiting my sister in Dubai; her computer was very slow so we took it to a shop to check on it and see what is going wrong … so as all the computerjyeeh say .. it needs to be formatted so we said Ok !! Suddenly I jumped saying Oh plz I need to write my contacts in the msn so I won’t lose them Photobucket and what !!!! he did gave me the paper to write them Photobucket

When I went home and thought about it I was like shooooo hal’3abaaaaaa Photobucket and I told my sister plz let us go and get ur computer because he is definitely know nothing about computers since he agreed on what I asked for

now share me a stupid thing u have done Photobucket


Qwaider قويدر said...

If you had one of the older Instant Messaging (IM) applications, you would know that your contact list used to be saved on your local computer, saving them on the server is, well, a newer thing :)
but that's funny :)

SimSim said...

Qwaider: haaaa !! loooool ok was that 5 years ago ? :D

I am a chemist I don't know that much about computers i know every thing by learning and practicing :D

good to know :D

falastini said...

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sharifo said...

easy one !!
I shaved my left eyebrow when i was 12, and it lasts like 3 years till it was complete again !!

Jasim said...

Loool, yalla t3eeshi o takli '3airha. :D

You reminded me of my aunt one time, when she first saw the camera on the mobile phone she asked how much we pay Fastlink per picture. :D

Jasim said...

By the way, I did many MANY stupid things. :D

Maher said...

loooool! tayeb 7elo! looooolll!! funny!

suhad said...

well, u know about my obsession with cars right? :P a couple of months ago i went for a walk with friends, and i suddenly saw a huge number of LOVELY cars in a parking lot with a lot of security guards around them, then i found out that they were the cars of sharjah rulers. i took a couple of photos of the cars and then i went to a beautiful bmw, stood right in front of it and started to take a photo, when suddenly a security guy approached me and asked me: are you taking photos of the sheikh's car? with the camera in my hand, i answered: no im not! :D 3ainak 3ainak

Wafa' said...

Loooool simsim that's hilarious :D

i've done many stupid things that i can't remember a specific one , but..

the other day one of my teachers asked me to write her down a "Barnamej Iza3e" and it should be done the other day , so i happily agreed , the next day due to my very amazing memory i completely forgot , my English teacher came to me
and said : Wafa' msh lazem t2adme el barnamej ente
Me : tell her that Wafa's absent today pleeeeeeease !!

Me (thinking to myself) : isn't my English teacher the one who asked me to do that O_o

e7raj qatel

SimSim said...

falastini: thanx for sharing :) I will let my family in the US know about it also

sharifo: looooool u should have taken some pictures so we can see :D

SimSim said...

Jasim: yaa 7araam looool

ba3deen yalla zay ma be7kohaa we r all ears ?!! kollonaa 2athanoonn sa'3yaa yalla e7kelnaa nahfatak :D

maher: ma beser ted7ak 3alay bedoon ma te7kelee some of urs yalla :D

SimSim said...

suhad: loooooooooooooooooool shoo 3emel fekee ? looool

ya allah shoo meshta2lek w nefsee nfee3 ma3 ba3adddd :rgs:

SimSim said...

wafa: loooooooooooooooooool walla nahffeh loool

what grade r u sa7ee7 ? ana dayman ba3azeb elbanat lamma yejee mwa3ed barnamej el etha3a ta3hom :D I am teacher by the way :D but plz don't stop coming to my blog loool

Abed. Hamdan said...

yesterday I did the most thing in the world

I downloaded a virus, executed it, and killed my laptop.

oh, I am a computerjy too LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

7ashasho 3alai bl work !

Anonymous said...

I read the prefix to a book and took notes on it kaman:D loool oh god, this beats all stupidity above omg!

wo once I got stuck in my car trunk with the keys with me LOL
nasharet ghaseeli :S

Maher said...

some of mines? hmm...actuallly i posted a vid taba3 elle bakoon snoring ba3raf eza la7a2teeh..or you even consider that stupid ! lol

SimSim said...

abed: lessa msha'3lenak 3endhom ? loooool ta7sheeesh

batoul: la2 heek kteeer looooool but u still cute :D

Maher: bedde link :D

Crimson^ said...