Saturday, March 29, 2008

I just admire u !!

I wish we get to the point where we can express our admiration to the other gender without having a misunderstanding !! I mean I do really sometimes admire a guy for his character, personality or even for his way dealing with others but afraid to express this feeling because deep inside he will think that this is a first step to show a love feeling (yaaaa I am the man !! she is so much into me !!!) which is not ... or I should say I admire u but I am not in love with u !! ..... (3 lines under)

I guess guys have the same problem sometimes (yemken aktar :D ) ......

Don't u think ?


Ammar said...

Mazboot, although sometimes we're so afraid of the outcome we even exadurate the possible reaction!

Qabbani said...

well it depend on HIM ,and keef 3alaqtecom be bea3ed some guys get it well, but Many get it as u say

If they really seek for such thing ..

if u told me same thing now for example i will take it as it :D cuz u know am engaged :P see sometime we have issues in our head ... :D

mesh met3awdeen :D

have a nice day :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

We love the attention, just like women do.
I wish I could tell any woman that I find her wonderful and very intelligent without her freaking out and responding with something stupid that indicates that she wants me to know that she's married or something like that.

But I completely admit that we (as men) suffer from that more.

Maybe it would help to place a little disclaimer or something. And sometimes it's clear, especially when you praise someone in public (like people do when they leave comments) In this case, don't worry about the guy misunderstanding, worry about the rest of the world :)

kinzi said...

It is a talent more of us should learn, how to give valid, platonic encouragement cross-gender. :)I can do that now that I am another generation and a foreigner.

sharifo said...

i blame el mojtama3...
khalanna kolna emkalke3een !!
and thanks for the TAG


Jasim said...

I guess with most cases, you simply can't! And I don't blame anyone, but still we have a long way to go.

As for me, I'd like it if someone told me that he or she admires me. And of course I won't take in any other way!

Amjad Wadiِ said...

Nice topic .. you really cannot put limits to this, or draw lines between friendship admiration, attraction, and love ... it is all mixed up feelings ..

i totally agree with sharifo .. its more social problem rather than gender or personal problem.

Maher said...

hmmm i believe haik el shabab wel sabaya act be out culture..bas go to the westren culture..kol yoom be7ko la ba3ad..hey you look cute wela heey you look nice ..

hooon go tell a guy ..hey you look cute..! khalas sar king of the world! lol

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying. They suddenly start to think you're hinting your secret admirations and interest. Its a simple convo that starts with a compliment and ends with a thank you. No more, no less... can men accept that?

Adoosh said...

It's much easier when there are already some lines drawn up, like one or both of them being married, she being older than him, different religions..etc. But when no such barriers exist, I guess both men and women tend to misinterpret the intention behind it!

7ala said...

I totally agree with you! I wish we can easily express our admiration to each other without freaking out!

But you know what? I personally dont get any complements pr admiration wrong, and i like it when some one tells me that he likes my character or that i have nice eyes or ..etc

Simply, NICE words are NICE!

On the other side, i have no problem with expressing my admiration to one of the guys who i trust that they would never get me wrong.

7ala said...

pr = or :-)

Anonymous said...

I remember that girl who stopped me and said :: m3lesh momkin a7kelk eshi bs ma tfhamni '3al6 ?

Ana:: walo, tfadlai?

she:: el3o6or ele btsm3lo kter
7ilo [wean elsmilies :rant:],elmohim sara7a I was happy to hear this from a girl,

Ana:: had min zo2ik,

As a man i have no problem to say whatever I feel, but for girls think twice before doing it- and yes it depends on the guy, some of them are arrogant, especially if they know themselves , and remember, you can say it indirectly.

Ghassan Yonis said...

I don't think guys have such problem unless they're unexperienced or extremely shy.. I believe everybody likes to be admired, and even flirted with, the different is: guys (as being horny creatures by nature as most scientist says) usually think of the long run and how he can take thin into his advantage, a most of girls (not necessarily all) just take it as a complement..
That's why they say.. women from Venus, men from Mars :).. you have to admit that we are different, and we'll always be different, that's how we are created ;) and any body who'll argue other wise is just ignoring the facts, I honestly don't wanna live in a community where guys and girls start behaving like each other!!

SimSim said...

ammar: yaa u r right .... I hope we get to a point where we don't think so much about the reaction and we just express what we feel

Qabbani: U got a point :D

SimSim said...

Qwaider: u got it right and i have to admit that we girls misunderstand such comments maybe more ... i hope things will change life would be much more easier :D

Kinzi: platonic encouragement cross-gender ....> I like that :D can we give classes for such thing :D

SimSim said...

sharifo: and we have to follow !!? lazem netmarrad :D

u r welcomed :)

Jasim: very long way I guess

and good to know that about u :D

SimSim said...

amjad: but we can change that we r becoming more and more open minded people ... we can't be open minded in points and closed minded in others!!

thanx and welcome here zaman 3annak :)

maher: loool enta bas t3amal ma3 lebanese loool 6ool nharhom lal banat yaa 7abebtee w yaa 7ayatee ma3 enhom laa be3rafohom wala 3ala balhom :D law b3amman nkaan box bno9 wejhoo looooool

SimSim said...

Batoul: I hope so !!

adoosh: u know ?!! thats why I feel easier to talk to younger guys because they won't feel I am flirting .... I totally agree with u but still I hope we can be free even if we don't have barrieres

SimSim said...

7ala: u r gifted then :D

welcome here yaa 3asal :)

Anonymous: yaaa tell me about arrogant guys !!! bel3ax hadool bedhom tankees mesh complements :D

SimSim said...

Ghassan: u got a point :)

Abed. Hamdan said...

yes we do have the same problem, severely.