Saturday, January 26, 2008

Isn't it the CUTEST Mobile EVER ?!!

Simply it's Awwwwessssome ! Especially for girls .... very light, thin and perfectly designed ... sometimes I am afraid I will break it with my figures because of it's small size …. The music is not very loud thu but with the headset!!! It’s unbelievable!! Well to tell u the truth Despite all it’s options for me I adore small and simple mobiles ....... I am loving it soooo much ...... and not only because of it’s shape but also because it’s a gift from my brother …. I can’t describe my feelings when he sent it to me, he knew what I want for sure ... although I didn't ask for it ... I was really speechless, and when I told him how much I love it he said just listen to Elissa’s new song Betmoon …. How amazing is that !!!


Omar Abu safieh said...

:D 7abeeet lool
mo bas lal banat :P
jad 7elo alah ey5alekom la ba3ed

SimSim said...

ben7ab walla :D

thank u soo much

Qabbani said...

Jameel haza al hafteef