Tuesday, May 29, 2007

If u were to define Friendship !

What would u say ?


Mnoosh said...

انت شمسي.. انت همسي.. انت حاضري وامسي.. انت عندي أطيب من البيبسي :smile abo snan mkasara: looooooooool

let me see,b2olo 7aGat ketera:
- with u i can be myself!
- friendship is blessing.
- when u find ur friend anytime u want
- since i'm reading "the kite runner" : "for you a thousand time over"

had el comment srlo aktr mn se3a kan na2so publish :cs:

Abed Hamdan said...

an dari O_o

7usam said...

"You know too much"
is he/she threatening you ?

Anonymous said...

أيها القهر الفدائي

أيها الواقف – رغم القهر – دوما


يـابلائي ، وعزائي في بلائي

كدت أرجو أن تلاقي أصدقائي

كي يحسوا بالحياء

ولكي يكتسبوا بعض الوفاء

كدت أرجو أن تلاقيهم


ليس بالممكن تحقيق رجائي

فـأنا أدري تماما

.. أنت لا تهوى لقاء الجبناء

Feras othman said...

once in the past days a friend of mine made me a pillow with simillar words :P heeh

where she would be now ? ;)

SimSim said...

when some one can understand u from ur voice and ur eyes, send u a greeting with no occasion, tell u how much u mean in the world, forgive u for every thing u might do .... well so many things to say also but this is a friend

I should call my friends and tell them how much i love them ....

SimSim said...

Mnoosh: sweet words :D gof bless u and ur friends :)

abed: lazem tedraa :D

SimSim said...

7usam: noooo loool this a picture i found on the internet :D

Anonymous: :)

SimSim said...

feras: how sweet .... well i have it now :D

Abed Hamdan said...

fokkeena mn hal 7aki.. sho befahhemni anaa :mob:

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

simsim i will define a friendship is a commitment between two or more to help each other whenever or wherever they are ,and as they say in sikness and haelth .. lol
g8 blog :give:

SimSim said...

Dandooneh: well it's hard to find them walla :( and u r absolutly right ...

welcome here sweetie and thanx (f)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

friendship is a ship carrying love in a sea of hatered and lack of loyalty. keif il tafa2ul :D

friendship is a bliss!

Anonymous said...

I dont know frankly :???: