Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The expensive life in Jordan

If any body from the people who left Amman 5 years ago came back now he/she wouldn’t believe that this is the same city!!
Big Investments and projects to improve the whole country to make it extraordinary and provide a better life for the Jordanian ….. ok this is what we have been told !! we have to encourage the Investment because that would help the public and the people to have a better services and more comfortable life …. but what we see in the real life is completely the opposite !!!! Very high taxes! And every thing is becoming more and more expensive!! and no signs of raising the salaries and if they do; they do it with no significant amount that the people won’t even feel it !!

The election is coming lets wait and see their agendas …. Thu I am sure it won’t be real in the future and I guess I won’t vote like I didn’t 4 years ago

And they Wonder why Jordanians r always mkashreen ?!!
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Hala said...

Hehehe, you know Amman is the most expensive Arab city. I even heard some people call it Tax City. Of course citizens would not have a problem with it if they get raises on their salaries, but as you said, it is not even noticeable.

Actually, I am really anxious to go back and see for myself hoe things are.

Have a good day :)

Hala said...

Oops, how* :$

SimSim said...

Hala: Would u like to switch places? :ch:

bara2 said...

u hit the point .. yes Amman is the most expensive city in the arabic world .. every thing is expensive .. food clothes .. services .. every thing that is so bad ..
that makes people feel bad ..
poor people will be more than 50% we are about to encounter real issues here if that dosn't just stop ...

MQabbani said...

Amman now one of the high Tree expince capital in the word

after Tokyo ,London,

tab3en bensbh lal al 7ad al 2adna la 2l Ojoor

Nizar said...

I still see this as improvement in the country's economy and in the citizens living standards.

In Sweden we have one of the worlds highest taxes, over 30% of our income is paid to taxes..

But we get free and good medical care and health insurance, free education, plus that students gets paid like 400 USD a month for their educational needs, Old people get also paid because they can't work..

I think it's a matter of time until you see a difference :P

The Observer said...

I think that we haven't seen anything yet of the amount of investments coming!

We are getting real big inverstments here. We should ask those companies to give us more in return.

Join our campaign of this cause :)

Diana said...

I used to think that Beirut is the most expensive Arab city, but I discovered that Amman is more expensive.

talking about elections, nefsi ante5eb, nefsi a7es eni mowa6eneh laha dawr fa33al :D
2al ya3ni.

Aladdin said...

عمان !!! غالية؟؟؟؟ قولي وغيري!؟!؟!؟

يا جماعة صلو على النبي

زيدو النبي صلاة

شوفي يا ستي، أي نعم كل أشي غالي شوي زغيرة، بس يعني الأستثمارات الخارجية تساعد قي تحريك رؤوس الأموال الداخلية بطرق عديدة بذكر منها على سبيل المثال وليس الحصر ما يلي:

يتم بناء مجمع تجاري ضخم، طبعا كل الشوارع حوالين المشروع بتتحفر، بيجي مواطن معو سيارة شاريها بالدين (لاحظ هون موضوع القروض الميسرة) وفرحان عليها و خايف، بنزل بحفرة ما بطلع منها.

هون في عندنا رؤوس أموال بتتحرك، لأنو سايق الونش مستفيد، والميكانيكي مستفيد، وجميع أبناء الشعب بستفيدو لما الحكومة تخالفو عشان خرب ماسورة مي 2 ونص أنش، ومكتب بيع السيارات رح يستفيد لما صاحب السيارة بشوف أنو السيارة بطلت تمشي مزبوط وصار بدها بيع، والبنك بستفيد لما يبيع دار هل مواطن المسكين لأنها مرهونة بدل السيارة

يعني الفائدة تعم على الجميع

طبعا نسينا نذكر صاحب مطعم الفلافل يلي بردو مستفيد لما المواطن المغدور وقف عندو شوي لا يجي الونش، وأشترى منو 6 حبات فلافل بعشر قروش، وخبزة بشلن، عشان معوش نص ليرة حق سندويش

أستنو علينا شوي، 5 سنين من هسا رح تلاقي الشوارما بنباع بالسوق السودا وبالدولار، والفلافل بتقدم مشوي بالكيلو في مطاعم عبدون الراقية فقط

خليني هسا أروح أسحب الراتب، في ناس بتستنى مصاريها

:سمايلي شبه روبن هود رايح يوزع راتبو على الفقراء والمساكين:

SimSim said...

Bara2: seems u wanted to talk about this long time ago :D u said it all and rich people become richer !!

Qabbani: at least we r in the first 3 in something :D

Nizar: u know ? I would be happy if they take 20 % taxes but at least make something for the people ! no health insurance no free education and no nothing !! this is what drive people crazy … ya3nee poor people why would they care about Jeseer 3abdoon ?

ben3esh w benshoof

SimSim said...

The observer: and what can we get from these investments? Why we should incourage them?

Diana: ta3alee w ente5bee badalee :D bas Beirut a’3laa I guess

Aladdin: loooooooooooooool qool w ‘3ayeer :D walla sheklaak m7asher kayeen w beddak tfa’9fe’9 loooool heek 5aletoo el urdun elsa3eed loool

ana baqool jeblee ma3ak sandweshet shesh6awooq badal el fuqara2 :cool:

7usam said...

طالما انو ال كوكو عاشور بشلن الامور لسا بخير

الحمد لله على كل حال

SimSim said...

7usam: tensaash ras abu el3abed kamaan b sheleenn lool

al7amdolellah 3ala kol eshee :)

antiZionist said...

The only reason investment go to the "third" world(as they like to call us)is profit and profit only, and investments is about plundering the country and it's people,you don't need to be Economist to figure that out.
Congratulation for Bassem Awadalaha and his gang,they have sold people owned sector to those sleazy "Investment Groups" which I like to call them a Group of thieves.