Monday, April 16, 2007

Jordan Blogger's Petra Trip .... Who is Going ?!

So who is going ?

Anybody who wants to Go to the trip should go to ale3temaad and pay .... calling is not enough yaa jama3aa :P

Here is the time line of the trip:Price: 15 J.D,
which covers:
Breakfast (Pies/Mo3ajanat) at the bus
Lunch is an open Buffet at a 4 star hotel
(Pies/Mo3ajanat) at the bus.
Program :
6:00 Gathering at the Bus station.
6:30 Bus travels to Petra
3:30 Leaving Petra to Wadi RumDinner
5:00 Arriving Wadi RumParty with a DJ at Wadi Rum.
8:30 Driving back to Amman
12:00 Reaching Amman
Meeting Location: Take a LEFT at the Elkomodor Traffic Light (Shmesani), you will find the E3temad Travel Company Buses


I don't want to find my self alone in the bus station !!


Ramez Haddad said...

walla fekra jameleh, ente ray7a tayyeb ? meen kaman raye7 yemken aje bamot be she esmo Petra, fa sho fele el wade3 somsom :bedon dareb:

SimSim said...


yaa ramez ta3aaaaaaal plz I know no body :D loool it would be great to see u there yaa ramiz yaa ramiz ana ba3raf enne ana ray7aa bass loool

so 5alas u r going ?!!

and bta36enee kaammen dars spanish kamaan :shy: lool

Ramez Haddad said...

khodlak el masla7a kam dars spanish 2al :ag: ty 2olele bekafo 50 JD ma3 el 15 ta3oon el re7leh ya3ne bedal ma3e 35 ? ya3ne ma la2o geer akher el shahar yesawo hal re7leh sarlen men awal el shahar batmasraf, sho bekafo wela la2 golele ?

SimSim said...

wak ana ma3ee 40 denar laa a5er el shahar loooooooool i will pay from them kamaan looooooooool

lashoo beddak el floos ? every thing is covered !! beddak teshtree akel kamaan :ganweh:

yalla bala baradeeh !! bedde 7adaa ba3rafoo yroo7 (yaa bayee elmasla7aa !) :shy: ba7ebesh akoon ma3 nas ma ba3rafhom !! ba3deen zaman ma shoftak so lazem twafe2 bedoon ma te7kee eshee :D

bajeblak wajbeh from potato town :rgs: loool

Jad said...

Tickets aren't covered and you have to buy water bottles or bring yours
not to mention if you want to ride a horse, mule or a donkey :D anyway the total wasted money shouldn't be more than 10JD at max

kinzi said...

Ya rayt, bas 3indi ma3suliti bil bayt. :)

MQabbani said...



am IN don't worry u want be there alone and so far it going to cost me

15+21+15 = 51JD well i like to pay this now before it be men 3aja2eb al donya , adfa3 ana 3ajayeb LOOOL , cuz i never go there before ...

so i guess it's a chance and so far there's around 8 going :)

SimSim said...

Jad: looooool money is not a problem !! loool i was just trying to Convince Ramiz lool

but haya (from al e3temaad) told me no one went to make a reservation till now :(

MQabbani said...

"a7ebesh akoon ma3 nas ma ba3rafhom !!"

Sho Gasdek ??
no body can eat the other :P and advice , stay away aza ma 3ajbk sheklhom , 2e3mali 7alk m3 another group LOOOL 3adi ma7da r7 ye3rafek and u know most from pic's LOOOL

SimSim said...

kinzi: shoo haay ma3suliti :S loool

noo u have to come :(

MQabbani said...

i talked to Haya , she say to me come in Thursday to confirm al 7ajez or before so u wont know who's coming till al 2arbe3a ...

SimSim said...

Qabbani: loooooool why all this money for !! 2albee 2albee !! looool

noo mesh heek bas I don't talk too much when i meet people from the first time and most of u met before and already knew each other bedesh a7es 7alee da5eleh :shy:

SimSim said...

Qabbani: i will go tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in sha2 allah ... cuz we have to go there to Confirm

MQabbani said...

the $$ , cuz am not Jordanian say d5oleyeh 21JD , hope i can pass it as usual ..

o 3adi 7esi 7alk da5eeleh , o aza btji bajeblk Kobeh ma3i just for u Promise LOOL

SimSim said...

Qabbani: yeeeeeee 21 JD !!! 5alas bajeblak hawyeet a5ooy loooool walla kteer :(

KOBBBEEHHHHH !!!!! Yuummmmeeee i am coming 5alas for sure :D looool

MQabbani said...

yeah i know akteer , am not planning to pay it that easy , i can skip it some how , ...

yeah kobeh , thought mom going to do, so i might take some , hope she stay want do it ...

yallah then we catch u there :)

Ramez Haddad said...

khalas am in 90% you dunno the 10%, ok yalla 3eshe , we jebe ma3ek 2 potato men potato town, we kol wa7ad yejeeb el chips taba3o hayne men hala2 ba2olek , ty madam ma fe 7ad msajel meen bedo yeroo7 ??

SimSim said...

Qabbani: 5alas ben5abbek loool 5alas I'll be waiting for it :D

in sha2 allah :)

Ramiz: entaa bas ta3aal :D ana w my cousins w entaa :D .... u have to go and pay every body was just calling ... we have to pay to confirm it

Wedad... said...

yaaay that's so cute :D

bat5ayyallek la7alek bel bus betza2fi :P

akeeed eza betrooo7i betfarjeena sowar o ela5 ela5 :P

enjoy your time samsoooomeh :D :wa7ad harab:

SimSim said...

weddad: wentee esad2aa bakoon naymeh looool wala baza2ef wala 3ala balee looooooool

thanx sweetie

6ab ta3alee :shy:

Ramez Haddad said...

beseer ajeeb sa7be kaan ?? sho confirm ma confirm ma fhemet ya3ne la meen el confirm ?? we pay sho laykoon adfa3 3anko we 3an your cousins kaman :ya lal hawl:

SimSim said...

Ramiz: looooooooooooooool walak mesh mef6eer lessa ? loooooooooool

u can bring ur friend awalaan
thanyaan no u r not going to pay for us ella eza beddak :P

thalethaann u have to go there and pay for ur self calling and saying u want to go is not enough :P

Ramez Haddad said...

ty khalina nroo7 sawa mata bedek tri7e te7jeze ??

SimSim said...

the day after tomorrow maybe ... 5alas I will tell u when i will go exactly

Dead Man Walking said...

mata al re7leh?

SimSim said...

3ammar: lesh ra7 tejee from turkey w troo7 ma3naa ? :P

next friday :rgs:

Dead Man Walking said...

bede awoadelko sarokh hadyeh :D

SimSim said...

3ammar: bte3malha walla :D

Diana said...

ana w 3ammar kan nefsna nroo7 ma3kon 3ala fikra, bas mish ra7 tezbat.

Have fun guys.

Möönliģht said...

Yay I went there 5 times , 3 of them was last summer ... hehe i know im crazy :D but it's nice very nice ... go there and you will have so much fun


Aladdin said...

what friday wa ween wa meen wa sho ?

itha 7ada 3azimni baji

:smilie 6afran lawla 3indo VISA card kan bish7ad:

y3ni 20th of this month?

SimSim said...

Diana: when u come we will go in sha2 allah :hug: thaanx sweetie mwaaah

Moonlight: Oh don’t let me start with how many times I’ve been there it’s like 5 or 6 times but I love it and I love to go there often :P

Aladdin: it’s this Friday 20th of april and u r always 6afraan :ag: w ba3deen ma3aak :ganweeh: 5alas eddayaan w ta3aal :D

نسوووم.. said...

سمسم سلميلي على كاظم اذا بتلقطيه هناك بليز وبوسيه ازا بدو قصدي ازا بدك هي هي هي

SimSim said...

Nasoom: yeeee bo'3maa 3alaay law kaan honaak :shy: besawer new song !! bas mosta7eeel :(

yaa 7ayateee ma azkaaah :love: loool