Saturday, April 21, 2007

EveRy tHing I LiKe iS KilLing Me

My post today should be about Jordan Blogs petra trip which it should have been named Odeh family Petra trip because there was no bloggers Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket just me and my cousin's (thank god I asked them to come with me or I would have ended up alone) and also thank god Ramiz was there with his friend .... we enjoyed our time and it was REALLY an AMAZING trip I am really happy I went and so they r (except for the breakfast and dinner meal)
I will talk about it tomorrow in sha2 allah with all the pictures we took .....
for today I want to talk about something else ... It has been almost a week since I started to have this very bad pain in my stomach, and it started after a stressful situation which made me really frustrated (ok don't start with fesh eshe bestahel w elmohem se7tek) some actions really makes u feel u wanna kill ur self .....
I went to see a doctor and as i expected !! he said u have Colonic nervous (Qolon 3asabee- ba3rafesh eza heek sa7 esmo in english) .....
the Doctor: yaa bentee u drink so much pepsi, nescafi, tea, coffee ? and u eat spicy food ..... and u r nervous person ? yes Doctor all the above
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ...... he had this look in his face I didn't know exactly it was the feeling to beat me or slap me I still don't know Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I bought the medicine he gave me and went home but felt that he is not that good doctor .... I took the medication and the next day i had the same pain if not more .... Doctor I don't feel better ?!! ok buy Buscopan until the medicine effects ur stomach.... and i did .......
4 days latter and the pain still there !! .... imagine me not eating good for almost 6 days !!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket .... ok i should see another doctor ........ Oh the other one told me that I have infection in my stomach and in Qolon and I should stop eating what the other doctor said at least for the main time ..... and gave me another kind of medicines :S
what really bothers me is that when i tried to have pepsi with my meal yesterday ... the people around me stared at me ... Asma put it back it's not good for u .....
putting some pepper on the potato ... Asma put the pepper back Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ..... grab a chocolate to eat .... give it to me it will make u feel bad
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the only thing they couldn't take it away from me is the argeleh Ok I would have killed them if they did Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
really i felt like I am 72 years old ....... they try to make healthy food for me .... no shawerma no hamburge and no nothing .... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It Seems that every thing I like is killing me Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Manosh said...

Oh sweetie :it's ok:

3shan se7ttek 3m ye3mlo hek :s

inshalah ana wla enti :hug:

waiting to see the pics :shy:

Qwaider قويدر said...

Maybe you should see a specialist? There might be a very good explanation for the pain. It might be something really simple!

Pepsi does NOTHING to your stomach and all that junk floating around the Internet is BS! It does have a lot of sugar, and that's it!

Anyway, a good prescription from my mother was, crush a clove of garlic, mix it with yogurt and add some salt to it. Mix it very very well, and drink it... it tastes wonderful and it cleans up the stomach! Try it :)

Abed Hamdan said...

eh...balah waj3et raaas..

keef bedna en3eesh bedoon nescafe ?? :(

Wedad... said...

Yeah I've gone through something similar a month ago, but the medication did help really…

es2ali mjarreb… just stop eating and drinking these stuff that hurt you, law la fatra bs 3ashan el dawa ye3raf yeshte3'el o el me3deh tertaa7 :P
I'm better now

but yeah I hear you :S sometimes btetdaya2i 3'aseb… sa3eb el wa7ad daiman ydal mrawwe2 o kol el 5abayes betseer 7awaleeh

Salamaaat :hug: o 3m astanna post el re7leh :shy:

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

Salamat Simsim ...

Mr. Q ... Pepsi has Caffeine in it and that is the most damaging thing in Simsims case ...

if you take my advice ... as hard as it may seem ... it will make you better in 2 weeks ... blv me u dont want to end up with a real infection or something more serious la sama7a allah ...

Eat Only the following :

1- Seven Up
2- Yougurt
3- Batata masloo2a
4- shorabet 5odar
5- girlled meat or chicken

halla you can cheat in other things but not in the following :

1- ANY fried food
2- ANY thing with caffeine
3- ANY spicy food
4- ANY food form resturants (unless you really trust them cuz ur stomache is so sensitive now)
6- Argeele : as hard as it may seem ... try to cut it out as much as u can ,,, ya3ne twice a week is more than enough

halla inshalla if u do that ... two weeks time u can be back to normal ... blv me it happened to my friend before when we were roomates so i saw it all ,,, he didnt stick with the program and later he had to do "menzar" and stick for the program for two months .... so two weeks it is !

Salamat again ...

bara2 said...

salamat ..
i know this feeling .. be2har .. bs enshallah yro7 kolshe so soon ...
salamat againe :)

SimSim said...

Mnoosh: laa salamet 2albek ya 3asal and I already feel good al7amdolellah :hug:

Qwaider: walla a week before the pain started they brought me saber (the tree from desert :D )and to eat it with laban and didn't work with me but I will try urs after i finish my medication ....

abed: shofett balllaaa :(

SimSim said...

Isam: i am following every thing u say but I like fried food :( and about argeleh loool i just have one once a month or 2 months ya3nee mesh kteer modmeneh :D ya3nee i can easily quit it .... but I will follow what u said cuz it's all right .... thank u so much and allah ysallem 3omrak :)

bara2: al7amdolellah so far I am feeling so much better bas seret an7af shway :D thaanx sweetie :hug:

Diana said...

el e3tedal ya samsoom el e3tedal.
do not eat too much of anything or you'll end up deprived from eating it.
I drink pepsi bil monasabat el sa3eedeh :D. I also make sure not to have more than two or three cups of nescafe a day.
salamtek 7abebti.

Ramez Haddad said...

khalas ya simsim elek 3ende 3azomet chinese food aktar akel se77e bel 3alam 3ashan takle la teshba3e we ma yeseer feke she shayfe ma a7sanne :shy:

SimSim said...

diana: I admit that i drink pepsi too much but nescafi noo way i drink more than one walla .... allah ysalmek ya 3asal :hug:

ramiz: chineesseee !! beddak tmawetnee entaa !! allah ysam7ak !! :(

bedde argeleh elle wa3adtnee fehaa

نسووووم.. said...

سلامتك يا عمري انا ولا انتي يختي ... يعني افهم من هيك ما اجيبلك معي شوكولاته من دبي ؟؟؟؟؟ خلص بشتريلك لولي بوب متلك متل ولادي مووووووووواه

SimSim said...

نسوم: لاااااااااااااااااا جيبيلي !!! بكون منيحة من هون لتيجي هههههه و جيبي لولي بوب كمان ما بحكي لا