Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nice Day In the Dead Sea

Last Friday Me and my friends decided to Go to the Dead Sea to have a nice and relaxing day ...... away from work and from all the people that we daily see ....
We bought every thing we want (chocolate, ships, Pepsi, as I call it 5ama5em Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting) grabbed our bags and headed to the Dead Sea .... we had really Great time ... the weather was very nice thu it's very cold in 3amman ...

I go there often but every time it's like the first time

Here r some pictures I took during my visit Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

laying on the beach can't be the best without my argeleh !! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Watching the kids while they were playing was really nice ......
u wish to be a child again to just act spontaneous

walaa hamemhaa Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

shadeh kaman :P
and since we don't know how to play 6arneeb w mesh 3arfeh shoo we played abu elfool looool I taught them how to play it but lost 3 times Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Different Views for the sunset and they r really Great pictures Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sub7an allah

Regards Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


bara2 said...

first ... el7amdellah 3la elsalama .. w enshalla tkono estamta3to..
FINALY : pics arevvery nice ... :)

Mnosh said... fun y3ne :D
yala inshallah kol ayamko heka :give:

kef ana wla mra ro7et 3la dead sea :D 5las b3ed hay elsewar inshallah nawyeh ;)

shatra b6a2 elsewar mashallah :P

SimSim said...

bara2: allah ysallem 3omrek .... I really had great time w ensha3a6 wejhee kamaan loool u have to go there u will have fun

and for the pictures thanx sweetie 3yonek el7elween (f)

SimSim said...

mnoshtee: teslamelee ya amar entee ..
why not ? 3an jadd lazem tro7ee it's really nice

ana kteeeeeeer ba7eb eswar i always wanted to be a photographer :(
thanx 3yonek el7ekween :hug: i am trying to upload 2 vedios bas moo zabe6 ma3ee :(

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

1- 5ama5em ... FUNNY !

2- Nothing is complete without Argeeleh ,,, if u wanna make sure you do it right go to

3- get a good camera cuz you have a good eye for photography ... get one digital and then learn how to develop and stuff , i think you can be good at it ...

MQabbani said...


nice wallah , u had fun , bs palm trees !!!

never notic it there ... waaaaal zaman ma re7et 3ala heak

yallah glad u had fun

SimSim said...

isam: my friend is m3almet argeleh loooooooooool really mesh 6abe3yeeh i told her lazem t2admee 6alab in Tche Tche bya5dokee 3ala 6ool m3almet arageel she did every thing and it's like what's written looooool lemon w na3na3 is the best :P

about the camera it's panasonic and it's digital bas mo3aqaa i was about to through it away ... 5alas I will get a good one any suggestions ? and thanx I always liked taking pictures

SimSim said...

Qabbani: there r soooo many palm trees u have to go and see ur self

thanx (f)

Aladdin said...

:smilie 3eeno alyameen lisa bti7rig min 25ir zyara lal.dead sea:

mashallah 3ankom, 2kil wa shadih wa sheesha, kan 7akiti 236itik 7asheesh :D

3ad ana konit jayiblik sandwitch sheesh6awo2 youm al.jom3a, bas inti ma 2jiti, fa 2kaly.ha 3anik :smilie 5alili:

Wedad... said...

yaaaay it looks fun !

bedi aji m3kom el marra el jay :D

nice pictures loved them all! 5ososan elle msh hamemha 7aaGa wel sunset :D

Sharifo said...

beautiful beautiful ...very very beautiful !!
Yalla badeefo lal plans,,lama ajji 3ala Jordan !

el sowar jameela :)

Ranooosh said...

ana marrait men hon!!

glad u had fun there samaseemo :hug:
see you soon ;)

Abed Hamdan said...

5ama5em is my copyrighted WORD!!

5ama5em howwe el eshi el m5ammej wl yes shaklek dayre 3al 5ama5em :S

nice pics wallah...ya 3ammi naaas fay3a w bettosh :P

Diana said...

amazing! especially the last picture :smiley in love:

SimSim said...

aladdin: ana 6alabet mennak 7ashesh bas 2oltelle 5ale9 elle 3endee w enno 3endak naw3yaat jdedeh w '3elee e3erhaa !! :smilie 7abeb ywar6ak: loool

ya3nee ra7 tjeblee sndwesheh sooner or latter :smile faj3aan:

Wedad: laaw 2oltelee nkaan 5aleteek tejee ma3anaa we really had good time w 3yonek el7elween ya 3asal ....
hay elebenet ta7sheesh i have so many pictures for her .... she is so cute :D

SimSim said...

sharifo: sure if u come to jordan u have to visit the dead sea w petra kamaan :D

thaanx (f)

Ranooosh: walllaa w ahleeeen !! nawaraattt :smilie bena6ne6 meen elfar7aa: >>>> shakloo alladin 3adanee :S loool
wish u were with us :hug: and yaaa see u very soon can't wait ;)


SimSim said...

abedL since it's ur copyright word (wish I doubt it) then u r also dayer 3al eshi el m5ammej wl m3affen !! :D .... 5ama5em hyaa 3ebaraa 3an el ashyaa2 elle btetakal bas lal teslaay laa yojaad menhaa ay fa2edaa zay 3aser, choclate w haay my sister mash-hora fehaa :D

yaa ana afyaa3 nas :P

diana: glad u liked them wenek entee zaman 3annek :hug:

Basil K. said...

Looks like u had a great time...
its been so long since I went to the dead sea. I go to Amman every year but dont have time to go there. As u know, u have to be invited for Breakfast, Lunch and dinner and sometimes 2 lunches in ur luck is bad that day.

Anyway I have to say WOOOW for the sunset pics, really nice and specially the 2nd and 4th Sunset pics.

vagueraz said...

Wow .. great Pic's Really :)
i went to Aqaba last Friday , and the weather was soooo nice ,, .
the sea was wonderfull :) i like Sea :)

SimSim said...

basil: yaa i know what u r talking about :D this is happened with me when i go to Dubai :D

I am really glad u like them
thank u very much u really reminded me how much i like pictures ....

SimSim said...

razan: glad u like them I also like the sea TOO MUCH i didn't want to go home :D

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

Mashallah. Beautiful pictures.

I write for a largely Muslim audience. Come by inshallah when you have some time to read.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Jood said...

nice pictures :yai:

SimSim said...

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek: i did and really u have a nice blog I will be visiting it often
thanx for ur visit (f)

jood: thaanx :shy:

samih said...

nice pics :) looks like you had fun :)

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

lol @ 5ama5em. ana w my best friend call it mu6arqashat :D especially if there's mixed nuts w hal shelleh!

looks beautiful and peaceful *flower* 7amdela 3al salameh :D

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

ah w btw, hala2 ism il dala3 samasem ma3 il argeeleh zabe6 :D lol!

SimSim said...
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SimSim said...

samih: thanx and yes I had great time (f)

Dima: loool @ mu6arqashat loool it is really beaustiful w allah ysalmek sweetie .....

loooooooool it's like a new flavore loool
samasem lol