Sunday, February 04, 2007

Heart Matters

I said it before … and I will say it again people around u (close once) may know u better than u know ur self … they can say u r like this and like this … No am I ??
But well they see u better than u see ur self while talking or dealing with them and I believe in this …..

Me as Asma I like to listen to people and try to tell them what to do and where they did wrong but when it comes to me I prefer not to get anybody close or involved ….. I DO have problem trusting people …. Why should I put my self in that situation again?!! Let what in ur heart stays there no one can protect it more than ur self ….

Or maybe because I don’t want to bother u with my life; but seems this is not fair after all …. U want people to trust u then u have to start trusting them …

Someone (special one) was trying very hard, from a very long time to get my trust to let me vent and share …. It felt hard in the beginning and words were like been drown from my mouth …. But It felt great …. So Asma Finally I managed to let u open ur heart for me after 3 years well u r a very hard person to deal with!!! Was it hard?!!

No it wasn’t hard but sadly I really don’t know how to let people come closer and tend to make boundaries and I build these boundaries with my bare hands and this is wrong

Thanx my Friend I love you so much and I am blessed to have u in my life
And I promise u I will try to change


Weddo... said...

ba7esni shabahek somehow!

BS lately! I'm venting out alot :D Allah y3een my friends! enno 5alas el wa7ad ma be2dar ydal yesma3 yesma3 o mashaklo kabet'ha jowwaaa!

you have to trust some people! el denya lessa b5air :D
o y5alleelek ur friends...

hello SimSim :emb:

Mnosh said...

wallah ya simsim ana zayek :D

bs ana ma betla2e 7ad be3rf 3ne kolshe (H), that's better ;)

SimSim said...

weddo: yaay ana metlek ? that would be my good luck :shy:

yaa when u start u can't stop looooooooool

halaa bekee ya 3asal :hug:

mnosh: bas there will be time someone will ;)

mwaaah kefek ?

Anonymous said...

Well and you know how much i care and love you my dear friend :hug: i am happy after all those years i gained your trust. and simply you are very spl person and more c;ose to me as a sister and brother :hug:

San7ek :D

Diana said...

Trustworthy ppl are hard to find these days, bas en khelyet belyet.
It's always good to vent.

Weddo said...

hehe 3eeshi :P 7atla2i metli fain ya bata3a

Aladdin said...

Trusting people is a must if you want to feelsafe with your thoughts, I find it better to trust a couple of people and getting hurt by one of them than to not trust anyone at all.

by the way I still need those 30 girsh, dont even think I forgot about those !!! :smilie 5il9 ratbo min thani youm wa midayin: !!!

Qabbani said...

i trust my PC :D

well, you need to keep some ppl Close and make sure they worth and can handle you ..

any way wish u luck

The Mo said...

Trust is hard to gain, yet once gained, hard to preserve, however once betrayed, hard to re-gain.

My humble opinion :D

SimSim said...

Anonymous: san7ak la7alak :P and I am happy I did after all this time

Diana: I wish u r around more :(

Weddo: looool no where yaa wa’97aa

Alladin: yaa that time u will know not every body r the same …
and I am still waiting for the shesh6awo2 sandwesheh u promised me with :ganweh:

Qabbani: the last thing I would trust my PC :D ….
This is what I am intending to do and thanx

The mo: small correction :P impossible to re-gain lool

The Mo said...

Ya when I woke up this morning, I thought of what I wrote, and said, I wish I could edit it to "impossible" :p

Lol :D

vagueraz said...

,,, i think that i have problem in trusting ppl , specially ely t3rft 3leehum jdeed !!!
w ana bfadel eny astame3 la el naas w their problems rather than talking!!! thats better after experiance , cuz i know my self and how i think , but i donna know others ! right?

Diana said...

mano ha'6 el anonymous friend? :ch:

I'm sorry Simsim, I know I haven't been around lately, we haven't talked since a while... :(

Jood said...

ana nos nos, yemken 7asab el mood! marat ba7ke ma ba5alee eshe o marat wala kelmeh :)

SimSim said...

the mo: lool I read ur mind

vagueraz: well try to give it time before u talk to anybody in this way u will have the chance to know them better before u start venting or sharing .... try it

and give me ur blog address i would love to visit urs if u have one :P

diana: I will tell u when i see u :ch:

yes :( i miss talking to u :( badly :(

jood: yeslamlee el moody people ana :D loool

Abed. Hamdan said...

a55 Girls! moshkeletkom bta5do kolshi personal iza el wa7ad jarrab ye7keelkom eshi

رحم الله امرىء أهدى الي عيوبي

it's hard to communicate with girls...that's why you think men tend to be silent..actually they're silent with women only

vagueraz said...
its my blog Link

Anonymous said...

lol @ you diana why do you wanna know :P

simsim bakrahek ::

SimSim said...

abed: u just need to know the way to deal girlz with :P

vagueraz: page cannot be displayed :S

Anonymous: 6ayeb why ? :P

Anonymous said...

Simsim : why do you want to know lol its just i hate you :P

and san7ek weenek zah2an moot :S