Monday, January 15, 2007


I just want to know who invented these tags ?

ok i have been tagged again but this time by

I should List 5 things others don’t know about me: (6ab they suppose to stay secrets) !!

Elmohem lets see : mmmmmmmmmm

1* If I get hungry and don't eat immediately, I become very very VERY angry and then can't eat anything

2* Sometimes when I talk to somebody; during the conversation basra7 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting or bada5el mawadeee3 beba3aa'9 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3* I can't resist but to stare at people If they r doing something wrong ..... for example when I see people eating in Ramadan ... (I know it became normal) but I just keep staring in a disgust way (ba3raf shoo da5alnaa) but can't help it

4* sometimes I act really Crazy for example Once i was very stressed from exams (usually I play with my hair when I study) it drove me crazy that moment so I asked my sister for the scissors and I cut it very short; my sister was like waleeeeeeeeeekkk !!! but I felt so much better Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5* I don't trust people easily I may show that I do but deep inside I don't ....

2 things I have to add :D ....

~ I keep postponing things untill the last day and If i can till the last minute ma bawaffeer lool (very bad habit)

~ I have never finished something I eat or drink


Now I will tag Diana , WeDDo & Abed


Mnosh said...

Thanks 3lflower ya 2amar :hug:

hona 2ante la toshbehenane 2ela :i don'nt trust ppl (sometimes)

ele ma b7eb eltags y7o6 "don't tag me" w that's it!

Dead Man Walking said...

sa7e7 enek wala 7abeh :-D

SimSim said...

mnosh:walaw anytime

ana marrat bada2er b sha'3leeh akel for example badaal akol menno laa azha2ooo loool

6ab lesh heek m3asbeh ? :S kont batbarad :D loool

DMW: msharett loool walla zaman 3annak

Weddo... said...

I have never finished something I eat or drink

LOL mosh kowayyes abadan :P

7abbaitek :D

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

maleee7 ma kan feeh makeenit 7lagah ma3id hadak il yoom .. kan 7alagty 3al 9ifir

SimSim said...

weddo: i know meshaan heek m3as3esaa w mesh 2ayleh ansa7 looooooool

7ebbek aktar :hagayeeh:

yalla answer the tag :P

SimSim said...

amjad: loooooooooooooool wallahee I would've done it loooooooool sherrreeeeerrr looooooooool

Weddo... said...

ah esmi maktoob lol :D

ok I will :rgs:

Diana said...

tab e7ki shee jdeed :P, I know all these things about u, especially that you are faj3aneh and wala 7abbeh :D

SimSim said...

diana: loooooooooooooooool walee sayraa zay 5a6ebek entee ? :ganweeh: loooooooool
6ab 3omree sara7et w ana ba7kee ma3ek or da5alet mawadee3
beba3aad ? :shy:

well u r my friend it's normal u know all these things about me :hug: