Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Just had it

so yesterday I met my friends i love them both but Yara is more special to me (u know when u sit with somebody who knows what u r thinking from ur eyes and know exactly who u r ... what u want ... ) this is Yara my best friend ever
so we had our dinner and argelah which I didn't like at all; also I don't like the place but just seeing them makes it very nice .... Then Yara shocked me with her latest news, I will leave my job!!! Whatt ??? (I get surprised easily and it shows; batfaja2 bsor3a ana Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting)
I know Asma I know u will say ur job is great and it’s a very reputed and famous pharmaceutical company, any chemist would love to work in; also it's near my house but simply I just had it ..... being with the same people for almost three years; I can't stand my boss anymore I have to leave and look for something else .....
I was shocked because every body complains about their jobs but if it's good they just try to fit or this is what I thought ..... but look who is talking ??!! Me ?!! I graduated 3.5 years ago and already been in 4 different jobs Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting the longest period of time I stayed in the same job was 9 months Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Well I always felt there is something wrong with me Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Do I get bored easily ?!! (yes I Do) But I started to realized that it could be something serious !! I might be afraid of commitment !!! (could it be ?) or simply I am searching for something I can't find, and I just can’t go with anything …. am i looking for something I will never Find ? should i start being more realistic ?
mmmm what am I looking or waiting for ?!! ………
I think this is the ultimate Question


Qwaider قويدر said...

Look, there is nothing wrong with you. Soul searching, and job hunting can go on for a while.
Until you land your perfect job, you need to try several others. And until you land your prince charming you're going to have to kiss a bunch of frogs.
The good thing is that you keep on looking. What might be fantastic job for you might not be all that great once you're inside it. Even large companies and what not, don't always fulfill the ambitions of a person.
I think you're just fine, and you will be even better. As a manager, I know as a fact that "GOOD" people will change jobs between 2 and 4 years, they will have grown much faster than most jobs allow them and got bored. I frankly keep that in the back of my mind, because good people WILL leave for better opportunities.
Now, keep on looking, but let me warn you, less than 1 year at one place might be a negative sign for employers.
Good luck

SimSim said...

Qwaider: To tell u the truth ur words r very relieving, but this is what am afraid of; that changing jobs in no time won't be good in my CV but still I will keep searching

thanx (f)

Diana said...

I don't like my job either, but since I can't get a better one especially here in Lebanon for being a foreigner, I learned how to love it.
Leaving for better opportunities is a good thing, but leaving just for the sake of leaving or just because one is bored is not healthy at all. You must give urself a chance to have a good experience in one job at least instead of keeping on moving from a job to another and end up having no good experience in any.

Good Luck samsoom!

Mnosh said...

should i start being more realistic ?

yes you HAVE to..
i don't like my life, i don't like my work, i don't like what's going around,, and and..

in simple words, love what u do, u have to adjust,, and u will see ;)

trust in ur self :)

SimSim said...

diana & Diana: I know i should try harder but u know girls I feel I got bored from life :D

vagueraz said...

hi,, happy EID & happy New year :)
this is my 1st visit to ur blog ..
i liked it :)
nice post , Mmm, i haven't words to say cuz i havent graduated yet , so i haven't any experiance
in job's but i think that human in general like changes , to finally find a siutable place ...
may ur friend company gr8 but when she's mush merta7a nfsyan may she found it the worest company at all ,,, ....Mmm
wish u all luck :)
hope visit my blog:)

vagueraz said...
is my blog URL

vagueraz said...
is my blog URL

SimSim said...

vagueraz: i hope u get the job u want immediatly after u graduate and than haynee zort ur blog kaman :P