Monday, January 29, 2007

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

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I started reading this book almost a month ago; I am finding so many difficulties finishing it. I have interruptions at work when I set to read and at home I feel sleepy and not interested in reading elmohem I managed to reach chapter 104 page 463 …..
It attracts you to not let it go and keep reading as much as your head can stand …..
It’s all about an ancient group of scientists called them selves the (Illuminati) created long time ago to defeat the church (whom they say had been always against science) and revived again to finish it’s job by destroying the Roman city (Vatican)
What made me anxious to finish the story is that the killer to be an Arabic Muslim (yaa far7etna) and he is been shown in a very ugly way!! read this !!!!
Quotes from the book
T he woman’s hands were tied, her wrists now purple and swollen from chafing. The mahogany-skinned Hassassin lay beside her, spent, admiring his naked prize. He wondered if her current slumber was just a deception, a pathetic attempt to avoid further service to him.
He did not care. He had reaped sufficient reward. Sated, he sat up in bed. In his country women were possessions. Weak. Tools of pleasure. Chattel to be traded like livestock. And they understood their place. But here, in Europe, women feigned a strength and independence that both amused and excited him. page 85-86

“Your final hour,” he said aloud, picturing the thousands of Muslims slaughtered during the Crusades. “At midnight you will meet your God.” page 432
How today’s first attackers and terrorist r to be Muslims without even thinking ….. Am I being Slapdash here? ok I haven’t finished the book yet so if u did plz don’t tell me the end


Weddo... said...

hehehe :D

kol ma bedhom 7ada mojrem bo7ottooha fena! Allah y3een

batzakkar fe movie marra 7derto kano el mojremeen muslimeen o el ra2ees taba3hom alhom "al 3adowwo mn amamekom wal ba7ro mn 5alfekom ..." :S

Mnosh said...

abel 2osbo3 kan m3red' kitab blbld, s2let 3no ma l2et mino bl3rabe..

msh jdede eno 3alam elijram yertabe6 be Muslims..(boz mdfa3)

lma t5alse e3mlele tal5es :P

Aladdin said...

I would like to read this book my self, if you may please tell me where you got it from !

SimSim said...

weddo: ensee law bedde a3eddelek el aflaam ma bne5las !!

mnosh: noo a7laa eshee teqra2ee tafaseloo elmomellleeh jeddad bet5alee 7eloo bas i will do my best :P

aladdin: i took it from my cousin walla but I have it document file ...
5alas bas a5alleso ba36eek eyaah w betsame7nee b 30 gersh :D

Abed. Hamdan said...

el moshkele sar hal mawdoo3 common kteer!!

watch a movie called "The Seige"!(Denzel Washington + Bruce Willis)

hada feey betla3o kol erhabiyeen , Arab, Muslimeen, o falastinyeen kaman!!!

Dead Man Walking said...

Nice book!

vagueraz said...

Mmmm, mho kul el '3rb ma5deen fekra
3nna eno e7na erhabyeeeeen !!!

Dima(an oriental blog) said...

That day i was watching 24, they are trying to capture an Arab terrorist ismo Marwan :S. By the way, there's this website, it's the first e-book store in Jordan. You can order books on the phone and they will have it delivered to you.

7ala said...

Wallah it seems interesting!

Bedouin said...

One would think Dan Brown has something against the Vatican. something real big. hehe

I just see the guy as a good author, nothing more, nothing less. he's not all phenomenal, but he's really shiny and attractive. I don't remember who called his work "wonderful bullshit" but I assume they were right about that.

no I won't tell you how it ends:P. and guys, we shouldn't feel that crushed down, guilty, and used by just a writer you know. plus the historical events implied what he wrote. and you can see in the same auother's other works things that might offend other religions badly. I mean, didn't you read The DaVinci Code?!?!? come On guys. it's just a novel.

I'm sure you'll like it:P:P:P. I know I did.

SimSim said...

I just finished reading it and OMG I was and still very surprised who the responsible was!!! i recommend every body to read it

and bedouin: thanx for ur input i did enjoy reading the book and it's really good written but i just can't not to be angry if anybody mention muslims in a bad way ...

theone said...

tell me about this story, i started reading it mn aktr mn a year :D bs wa2ft wa ma kamlt ma3 eno shadtni bs 5alas kasalt :D

SimSim said...

theone: how could u ? ana shahar w kotn 3ala a3sabee loool 6ab ween wassalet feha ?