Saturday, December 09, 2006

My body is A moving pharmacy These Days

Just last Wednesday I was telling my sister how lucky I am for not being sick. Yet cold, flu r all over Jordan.
Well seem I jinxed my self ….. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting It started On Thursday, my throat started to sore ….. Followed by a high fever at night, coughing, sneezing (they wanted to recode yar7amokom allah for me meen kotor ma zaha2t-hom Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting) and now my voice is like I am drowning !!!

the Doctor didn’t leave any space in his prescription, it was filled with medicines …. Fluibron, Airtal,
Ospamox 1000 mg, Cee Cal (vitamins), and some kind of nose spray but since I don’t like it I didn’t buy it Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Salamet eljamee3 If any Body is sick and i hope it rains soon ....

SimSim from Work Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Summer said...

Salamtek! i hope you feel better soon.

SimSim said...

thanx ... so sweet of (f)

Mona said...

alf alf salame nshalah :S

ana wla enti :S

ma bde a7sed 7ale, ana kman ma bmrd' :P al7mdollah

:warde bed'a:

SimSim said...

mona: allah yese3dak sweetie thanx w in sha2 allah maa temradee belmarra :D

MQabbani said...

salamat ...

i was like that before two days
but now it sGood , just keep ur self warm

lool , look like there's alot ma bymrado , cuz before two days was my Yearly one ... ;)

Jood said...
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Jood said...

alf salameh :hug
eshrabe leemon :p

SimSim said...

MQabbani & Jood: allah ysalemkom walla haynee kalamantenaa w dafaa bass :D

Nana said...

it's either ana en7awalet or I lost my sight completely.
Although I come here daily but I have never noticed this post lol.

halla2 3refet meen 3adany :@
I'm very sick too :(

salamtek samsoom, hope u feel better soon, w el 2ayleh inshallah,lol.

SimSim said...

nana: I am trying to find a way to seperate the posts but can't :D

thanx sweetie w hope u also feel better yaa 3asal haay shekelha el sms elle ba3atellek eyaha :ch: kanat mal'3omeh :D


Nana said...

lah lah ya simsim :D

I did not sleep at all last night, and I slept in the classroom, LOL.
3an jad, while waiting for the kids to finish doing the excercises I asked them to do, a5adtely '3afweh,
I feel a bit better now anyways.

Dar said...

Salamtek ya garaba , i know its late bs i hope by now u r feeling better , a3jabtni hai record yar7amkom allah !!! :P


SimSim said...

nana: hug:

Dar: garaba !! loool r we related ?! lool I am doing fine still coughing but better bas 3endee headache today :(

thaanx (f)