Monday, December 11, 2006

بيت شقـــــــير - جمعية صناع الحرف التقــليدية

No I am not so much into handcrafts, it needs so much talent and people with patience which I have neither, but my sister is very talented in embroidery and needlework in general. she participates in so many exhibitions and bazaars. she never give up on inviting me every time …… thu she knows I will eat her head (bakol ras-haa) after 15 min from my arrival that I got bored and want to go home looool

She had her Own shop next to Dwar el wa7a but now she joined a group of professionalism in handcrafts, they redecorated this old nice building in Jabal 3amman- Rainbow street and
turned it into a piece of art where each one of them present his/her Own work ….. The place will be mostly for tourists I looked like one yesterday walking around taking pictures

The thing that I liked the most was the roof; it overlooks Jabal al Jofeh, Al Ashrafyeeh and Al balad ….. It's great at night with argeleh (my only concern) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here are some pictures from the place and the decoration

Now I took some pictures for each corner, sure each one has his/her own craft which looks amazing joined together in one place

Some of my sister's work

I liked these faces it’s some Kinds of face impressions!!!


More and More pictures from here and there

I will ask them for Samurai sword Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hope U like the pic. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


sharifo said...

Niiiiiiice post,
bas ana ma ba7eb el ashya2 el anteek wela ba6ee5 mlawan !!
sho el akhbar 3endek ?

SimSim said...


3aad 7eloo el antique ana ba7eboo specially wood ...

ana tamam jo3aneh loool

how u doin ?

7awel :P

bte3raf when I was in ur blog I wanted to write something in the chatting box and I forgot as always :S hala2 barja3 :D

kinzi said...

Simsim, very nice place! Worth a visit soon!

Mona said...


ma a7laaa

me like talented ppl kome kome, b7sheen 3'er shekil :)

y36eha el3afye o5tek, 2olela keep up the good eork ;)

Red Rose said...

Fantastic, could you plz provide with Tel.No. to contact them when I need to make ceramic plz?

Weddo said...


My mom will love it :D

halla hommeh bekoono hnak all the time? maslan eza ro7na olnalhom bedna kaza kaza enno el fekra el 3ammeh o hommeh y7otto lamset'hom y3ni be2balo? wella hada bs ma3rad :-c:

o answer red rose :P

SimSim said...

kinzi: yaa jadd u have to go there it's very nice

mona: allah y3afee 3omrek yaa 3asal yalla come to jordan so I can take u there :D

red rose: I will ask my sister to get u the number cuz I should of ask each one about his/her name but I was in a hurry :D

weddo: I think they r there from 9 to 6 and I guess they can sale things :D I will ask my sis looool

ola said...

Are they open on fridays?

SimSim said...

no ola they don't

MQabbani said...


cool pic i like it

Aladdin said...

Kol youm bamrog min honak, bas law 2moot bijoz ma 2foot 2shof to7af ana, 2la itha fi 2kil momkin ashof sho fi :D

SimSim said...

gabbani: glad u liked them

aladdin: fee zawyeeh esemha bayt el moneh :D 5aleek honak entaa :D

Nana said...

yaay, I like this stuff. Ya raitny bil ordon, kan ro7et.

Jood said...

nice pics
bs ana zayek i dont like these stuff!! :D

SimSim said...

nana: i will take u there when u come to jordan :hug:

jood: lool thanx dear

Hala said...

I love such things! How can you not love them too? :P

7aram your sister, bet3anni :D

Kidding kidding lol ... I liked the pictures :)

Prefer Not To Say! said...

keep it up :)

SimSim said...

hala: mesh 3arfeh loool enno kteer beta3boo 7alhom to make such things and as I said it need patience and talent :P

yaa my sister bet3anee be6are2aa moo 6abe3yeeh lool

perfect not to say : thaanx