Sunday, November 26, 2006

Why r u Always Sad ?!!!

Today Some One at work asked me why u r always sad ?!! i was surprised from the question cuz i never consider my self a sad person .. in the contrary ..... I always laugh and make others laugh but recently I think I became a sad person .... and I still don't know why .... will I answered the question saying life brought nothing that would make me feel happy ,,, or I am wrong ?!!

Yes I am wrong

In this occasion I would like to dedicate this song to my self
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to make me feel better and so no one would think that I started to like firoz more than Kazim Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Rana & Abed: here are a new post so u won’t
keep seeing legs when u log in here Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


rana said...

esma3i wak!!
post eshi bejanin elo , zai matlan salamtak men el ah. mesh inti :D i meant howeh salamto :shy:

and i get that alot , ino i am a sad person , sob7an allah i just finished wrinting a thread to post it in my blog about nakad and how it got stuck with it :D

great mmids think alike :ch:

SimSim said...

yaaa allah sa7ee7 hadeek a7laa 6ab u post it and dedicate it to me :shy: loooooooooooooooooooooooool

(wallahee we r straight) loooooooooooooooool

yalla post so I can read and comment :ch:

u bet we are :cool:

Mona said...

yes u wrong :S
ana bfker eno elsha5s nfso be3ml mood l7alo, y3ne ana elyom bqarer ene bde anbsee6 , bkon mabso6a kol elnhar ,7ta lw sar she nakad .. elfikra eno aqne3 7ale "i'm happy" w that's it !(ana heka 3aishe :shy:)

Ha 7abibi , ya emi sho b7ebha :$

Abed. Hamdan said...

lah lah, lasho el nakad..tawli balek...

amma enti nazle firooz, 5alas shway o betseere sawwa2et bus 3ala 5a6 jam3etna

bala nakad bala hamm, ma7ada ma5ed menha shway..homme el nas shway 3atleen hal ayyam..tanshi

aya almusa said...

yes ur wrong ..i think ma n7oy kol eshee eno eldenyeh heyeh el sbb cuz life is all about choices ya3ne u choose to be happy or to be sad so i guess its ur choice how u will live ur life.

SimSim said...

mona: u say that but sometimes things happened and u just can't force ur self to feel happy :D

yaa I knew u would love it lool mwaaah

SimSim said...

abed: laaaaaaaaa bedde aser shofaryet taxi looooooooool

walla e7naa kaman nekdeen marra :D

SimSim said...

aya: I disagree with u :(

Abed. Hamdan said...


it's never our choice, we didn't choose to live, we don't choose when to die, we literally choose nothing.

If you to choose whether to be happy or not, then you are never choose the people you're gonna meet..

it's not life what is bad, it's about the people who ruin it!

Weddo said...

sheklek zayye :D ana esfenjeyyeh moodeyyan b shakl mo 6abe3i !

wa ata7awwal saree3an

hehe pokemon :P

enoo it's so easy to take my happiness awaaaaaaaaaaay :'(

ba7Ob hai el song :-o

SimSim said...

abed: u r totally right

Weddo: 3ajbatnee hay esfanjyeeh loooool ... what was wrong with ur blog wella still not working ? kont a7awel azorek bas ykoon maloo eshee :S

the song loves u 2 :hug:

Weddo said...

hayyo it's working again :P amraad nafseyyeh allah wakeelek :D

merci bs oleelha ana mor6abe6a hehe :P :P

Hala said...

What is up with the wind of depression? I hope it gets better for you! :)

Lovely song by the way ;)

SimSim said...

hala: I don't know it's in the air loool

and I hope so

yaa it is :hug: