Monday, October 02, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • I have a bad headache (migraine) and it's Ramadan !! do the calculation
  • I need to talk to somebody I don’t know and ready to listen without judging me or giving me advices I mean just to vent
  • It’s very hard to try avoiding doing something u got used to do it
  • What will be the end ? I wish I have patience
  • Am I that bad ?!
  • elle b3eed 3an el 3een b3eed 3an el 2alb ?
  • memories r more precious than any thing in life ... I was reading something I wrote with my friends during university and it was hilarious :D*
  • I wish I can figure out what makes me happy
  • am I talking to my self

I will be back for more


Rana said...

hmm..el b3eed 3an el 3ain b3eed 3an el 2lb?? no mesh shar6.
i don't have any problem in missing ppl i don't see constantly..i know i love them , i hope they love me back and khalas :D

salamtik men el soda3 simsim :hug: hope u feel better soon.

and yes..i am listening :P

Abed. Hamdan said...

have a cup of coffee , tanshi :)

Nana said...

salamtek samsoomty,
u know I'm always there to listen, but I can't guarantee not to comment and give advices :D

el b3eed 3an el 3ain mish b3eed 3an el alb abadan...

abed Hamdan wrong answer! el benet saymeh! :D :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

if u want to talk to someone min ghier ma isma3 advice or judgement talk to a stufffed toy lol or any object near u! make sure no one is lookin! because they will think u are "nathwah" lol

miss u waley! Randami thoughts gad ma bidik! its ur blog!! :D

SimSim said...

rana: allah ysalmek .. it was the worst :( took me 2 days to feel good ... and thanx sweetie but I think u will give me advices u can't not to :D

abed: I did drink 2 cups of coffee but after ef6ar :p with pain killer ... shoo bedde a6anesh la a6anesh lool

nana: I know :D if u didn't ba7es enno u don't care :shy: love yaa

dena: I will never do that cuz i will think I am crazy :D w haynee bas yejenee elhaam barandem kamaan lool miss u 2 :hug:

eman said...

مرات كتير انا هيك بفكر كمان

SimSim said...

hii Iman and welcome here (f)

good that I have some one like me :p