Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Been Tagged AGAIN ....

So Ola decided to tagg me again still she didn't tell me what does this word mean

lets start now

Name: Asma
Childhood ambition: I always wanted to be a model
First job: Teacher
First ‘real’ job: Teacher
Fondest memory: they r so many but mostly in Dubai or sharja, I am having these moments too much lately
Retreat: being alone with my self I guess
Wildest dream: driving metsubeshi bajeroo lool

Proudest moment: when I graduated

Perfect day: a day out with my family

Indulgence: argeleh, traveling, chocolate
Last purchase: sun glasses that I really adore
Alarm clock: At 8:30
People: know them but keep the distance
Favorite book: al chemist
Most used expression: 6g3 , 3an jaaad? , shoo2esmoo looool , how sweeeeet, bas balaash, shoflaak haad loooooooooooooooooool wanna more ?? lool
Inspiration: good hearted people
News source: my dad
Biggest challenge: life but seems I am losing
Religion: A way of life just like u said
Education: life also
Pain: losing
Happiness: to be satisfied about my self

thanx Ola mwaaah and I am tagging Diana back lool


Abed. Hamdan said...

nice answers :)

Nana said...

you tagged me?
sabrek 3lyee samaseemo, I'll answer later.

SimSim said...

thanx abed (f)

and nana: :ch: i'll be waiting :D

Ola said...

LOL hoo inti sa2altini? :D

For all I know, in thisntext it means something like a focus

SimSim said...

ahaaa I C :P

Ola said...

I think I found the origin of the word tag :D

A popular game played by children where one child, who is the tagger or is It attempts to touch another child, making them It, also called it.

Johnny: Hey Billy, lets play tag
Billy: OK, you're It!

SimSim said...

loool thanx Ola I got it now