Sunday, December 25, 2005

Why ??

Sometimes I ask my self why I am not used to deal with low life people ?? then I say maybe allah loves me for not letting me know or meet any, but again I am old enough to have some of them in my life ... or did I really meet some of this kind but had the chance to handle them at the time and never think of it again ?

well today I had to deal with such creatures I blame my self for missing the chance to deal with them in the same way they did .... but after a while I say to my self " if I did so then I will be just like them "

one last thought .... how can people live just to hate and be hated ???

افكاري كما انا مشوشة
الله يعين الناس اللي بعرفوني و بحبوني


Nana said...

samsoom, morning sweetie(f)
i hear u loud, i can feel u. This is life 7abebty, u have to deal with all kinds of ppl, God created black and white, good and evil.
so, just like there are ppl who hate, envy, or harm u, there are those who love, care about and adore u, like me :$
love ya, mwaaa7

Rana said...

how can people live just to hate and be hated ??? they don't choose that,bs sometimes they get hurt in life,and they express it by showing hatred in return,not trusting anybody anymore.

and this is life simsim..c'est la vie mon cherie..u live and learn..u lose and u win....accept it and cope with it

:give: (f) w a5er sa6er katbatu nana :d

SimSim said...

I used to choose the people I deal with seems there r some trying to choose me now ..... well I think I will live and learn

but what if I said that I don't want to clear every thing and be good with them does it make me bad person ?? ana ma sada2et 5leset menhom :$ !!!

7ayateee nanoshtee u don't know how much I love u and care about u :hug: make it daily for u to come here shoo banbase6 bas ala2ekee hoon :kiss:

SimSim said...

yes rana as u said ben3eesh w benshoof .... bas nefseeeee akooon zayhom bas la7zaa b 7ayateee and say things like what they say ... I mean Criticize them like they do I can wallaheee make them cry and maybe do some damages in their life bas I missed this class when life gave this lesson and I blame mam and dad.....

ranoosh thaanx ya 3asal love u :give: 5aleeek gambee loool

Nana said...

I'll be here my dear :hug:

ra7 aGazezek :D

SimSim said...

nana: wak gazezenee yes3edlee hatagzeez ana looool

thanx for the phone call :hug: it meant alot ya 3asal :give