Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Ok I really needed to write something but since is down right now I will write it here ..... I think it's so much fun to write here, it's like talking to ur self without waiting any body to criticize me or tell me to calm down or give me some advice

well I am missing my self in them I miss all of them .... I miss the parts in my life when I was sure about my self when I was sure about something, anything, I hate it when I am lost knowing nothing about anything ... it really hurts when U r not sure really hurts


Knight said...

bte7ki m3 7alek :p

khla9 wala ka2eni shufet aw gra2t.

SimSim said...

loool sharatet mazboo6
laa entaa mesh ay 7aad u r always welcomed here :give: