Sunday, March 13, 2011

سامحيني يا تونس - Forgive me Tunisia

I really feel ashamed of my self for not writing not even a single post about Tunisia; I can come up with tens of excuses; non will be reasonable! but honestly during that time I was really busy ! and I am sorry to say it; but I thought it was just a bunch of protesters whom will be suppressed and jailed, like always ! Gladly it wasn't ! It was the light and the spark that inspired all Arabs and encouraged them; taught them that the Impossible can be done ! we can free ourselves from the Mummy leaders ..... and eventually be free!

It was all started when one man Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire saying No to slavery and injustice,  by giving up his life he led a great revolution against Long time Tunisia Dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali; whom had no choice but to step down .... lighting a beacon of hope to all the Arab youth ..... 

Hats off Tunisia ! We r all looking up to u and wish u stability and growth !

The most touchy video taken from Aljazeera News TV Channel !

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ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

ya allah every time i see this 3ammo (haremna min ajl hathih al-la7tha al-tareekhya ) 3anjad biwaji3ni 2albi w bitla2eeni badami3 !!!

allah ye2awee kul sh3oobna el-3arabieh ..